The 1200 Calorie Diet – Starving Your Body Of Nutrients?

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Heyy! so this vidoes is to just explain my diet, stay tuned for a video on my supplements, an exercise plan! Take it or leave it, This is how a basic day in …

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31 Responses to “The 1200 Calorie Diet – Starving Your Body Of Nutrients?”

  1. Reginald Jackson writes:

    The 1200 Calorie Diet – Starving Your Body Of Nutrients?

  2. TheCerberusbindweed writes:

    ! Know of a personal trainer and certified nutritionist who recommends
    women to consume around 1200 calories daily and for a guy around 1800
    calories for weight loss.

    The 1800 calorie diet, it was recommended that 4-5 times a week to burn 600
    calories daily and 1000 calories once a week to lose weight.

    This will cause the body to go into Ketosis where the body thinks its being
    starved therefore it will eat/burn the fat you have stored. You need to
    however consume enough protein to prevent your body from eating your muscle

  3. jahmel carson writes:

    I thought if you starve your body will use up Fat from its natural fat

  4. Reginald Jackson writes:

    Check out my new video.

  5. selhelpingdry writes:


  6. Hilda F. Guthrie writes:

    Yo that’s cool

  7. heineman Lisa writes:

    am so impressed of you views

  8. shaikh raihan writes:

    Thank you so Jackso for this mindblowing idea

  9. michael Brandon writes:

    love to watch this video

  10. heineman Lisa writes:

    u create great impression on our mind

  11. hengelnomas cucchi writes:

    Wow 1200 calories is too low to me.

  12. EpicGameHacks writes:

    Between this and the lemonade diet I just can’t keep up lol

  13. mcmillin debbie writes:

    iTS dAAAAMNN Effective

  14. PATTEE william writes:

    Magnificent video

  15. A Robin writes:

    i think you have said most important factor about fitness and diet.

  16. ruma khatun writes:

    this 1200 calorie plan is very important and useful for body..

  17. asd sswera writes:

    this dietary plan is excellent.

  18. Templeton Brenda writes:

    lovly video welldone

  19. Jackson Speaker writes:

    I like this diet, just came back to thank you for the link.

  20. Neil Kerruish writes:

    It’s a diet where you eat only 1,200 calories a day!!!

  21. JOHNSON Crystal writes:

    this video can be startling easily to any one

  22. Ide Thomas writes:

    its such an astonishing video

  23. rosener PAMELA writes:

    its the most inspiring video

  24. City Life Sam writes:

    I am so scare that my hair and body would be so malnourished with only 1200

  25. Curtis Jaheem writes:

    you’ve rich of knowledge and experience.

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    lost a lot of weight by using it without starving myself.

  28. hpfan1022 writes:

    you seem really mature for someone in high school! i like your videos, keep
    up the good work..A + W root beer diet is the best 🙂

  29. Igor Balazich writes:

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  31. mandysweightlossshow writes:

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