Someone told me about a sweat suit with plastic bags attatched is a good way to loose weight….?

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Question by Ally, THAT girl: Someone told me about a sweat suit with plastic bags attatched is a good way to loose weight….?
I heard that it is illegal for wrestlers to use.. but while jogging or running with this suit on, or even garbadge bags taped around the body will cause weight loss quickly. Is this true??? if so, where an I find a suit like this?

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Answer by STYREE

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13 Responses to “Someone told me about a sweat suit with plastic bags attatched is a good way to loose weight….?”

  1. mybootyisthatbig79 writes:

    probably because you’ll sweat more-but it sounds like a bad idea. your skin needs to ‘breathe’ while working out, and your pores will get all clogged up.

  2. SuzyBelle04 writes:

    Hahhahaha, my mom used to do this and she looked absolutely retarded. She would put on this formula that is supposed to make you sweat, cover herself in saran wrap, put on like 2 pairs of pants, 2 shirts, a sweatshirt and a coat and start walking on her Gazelle machine and she looked so stupid and never did lose any weight. I don’t think they make the suits, you just kind of use your own bags or whatever works for you!

  3. xphxpd writes:

    The weight you lose is water.Like wringing out a sponge.When you drink, your body absorbs it again.

  4. steven d writes:

    its true, i wrestled in high school and quite a few of the wrestlers did it, not sure if it hadnt been illegalized back then, or if it just isnt illegal in oklahoma, or our coach just didnt care, but i have heard about ppl dying from this, so be sure not 2 over do it

  5. Alex P writes:

    They are call Sauna suits for exsercising, ive seen them on the gyms and some places like Marshalls TJ Maxx or Ross. It is good because it makes you sweat faster with the movement but wear it with some cotton clothes inside, if you let the plastic touch your skin it can cause cellulitis to appear on your skin, or if you already have some youll get even more. Nothing synthetic on your skin is good for it.

  6. Courtney R writes:

    I do not believe that such suoits are actually sold in stores but you can easily create the same effect by just wrapping parts of you body in garbage bags or plastic wrap from the kitchen works well to. THis metrhod is more just targetting specific areas of the body because what happens is that the areas that are wrapped sweat like crazy causing weight loss.

    Sweating is the key to weight loss.

  7. jenna obenna writes:

    What it does is it makes you sweat like a BEAST! All of the weight that you lose by wearing the bag is water weight, and that’s why wrestlers cannot use them because their weight will drop like 10- 15lbs right before a weigh-in.
    It WOULD be a good detox method, because the massive amount of sweat pouring outta you is all just waste anyways. But as far as FAT burning… nah.

  8. mr nice writes:

    This is a very unhealthy thing to do…yes you will lose weight but not body fat as all you are doing is sweating off body fluid. As son as you drink some water the weight will come straight back.Sorry to have to tell you this but the only way to lose fat is a healthy diet and exercise!

  9. gabound75 writes:

    Ask Martin Lawrence how he’s feeling from having a stroke after doing the same thing a few years back. By the way, I think he did lose some weight… in the hospital though.

  10. Puddy writes:

    not true. when you sweat you have to replenish the water you lose after so it makes no difference. read tips on weight loss and exercise programs to help you more on this site

  11. Annette G writes:

    yes that is true. walmart carries them. my son is a wrestler and the coach buys them for the boys. they do help you loose weight while exercising. good luck and drink plenty of water.

  12. Horsense writes:

    One of the other answerers state that sweating is key to weight loss. That is Not true of Real wight loss. The sweat suit you describe actually causes dehydration, not a healthy weight loss.
    There are also herbs that bring on perspiration. But any time you perspire, you need to drink extra water to make up for the loss. So, such weight loss is very temporary unless you remain dehydrated, which is a very undesirable state to be in!

    There Are Sensible ways to loose Real Weight –and keep it off– though. Those are what yo ought to concentrate your efforts on …

  13. THE GODFATHER writes:

    any sporting good store should have them..

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