Rethinking Hypothyroidism

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Broda Barnes, Mark Starr, Stephen Langer, and others diagnose hypothyroidism based on a low body temperature even if thyroid hormone panels reveal normal or low-normal levels. Is this really a sign of bum thyroid gland in need of Armour desiccated thyroid hormone supplementation, Synthroid, or Westhroid or is there something else going on? Like leptin telling the thyroid what to do.
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16 Responses to “Rethinking Hypothyroidism”

  1. Bullfn33 writes:

    Cortisol also has an intimate relationship with thyroid hormone. When it comes to the actual cellular action of thyroid hormone, cortisol is the gatekeeper of it to the cells. I know the problems with my low metabolism stem largely from low levels of cortisol which caused all of the hypoT symptoms despite adequate serum levels of thyroid hormone.

  2. 180degreehealth writes:

    @DerekChaunessey Basically what I’m finding is that basal temperature can be improved much more dramatically via overfeeding for a month or two than it can with thyroid hormone supplementation, iodine, etc. in most cases.

  3. DerekChaunessey writes:

    Or a protein shake and/or weight gainer? Although those wouldn’t be natural.

  4. DerekChaunessey writes:

    Calories in the form of protein, fat, and/or carbohydrate? I’m guessing the first time mainly. It seems like a natural diet would be high in protein and fat but with periods of intermittent fasting. I used to consume a ton of whey protein shakes and would down as much dairy as humanly possible each day. My problems starting replacing the exact same methods with soymilk and soy protein. Maybe this provides insight into what the hell went on.

  5. DerekChaunessey writes:

    High in calories = good thyroid health, eh? Hmm. Interesting.

  6. DerekChaunessey writes:

    Two questions.
    1. What do you think about ozone therapy to remedy hypothyroidism or thyroid hormone resistance?
    2. I thought about what you said about focusing on diet and not taking any thyroid hormone replacement, even if natural. I’m going to stop my Hypo Support Formula as of this morning. However, is cold turkey the best way? I’ve read that thyroid hormone supplementation over time can atrophy and/or permanently suppress natural thyroid hormone secretion. Thoughts on this?

  7. DerekChaunessey writes:

    Higher in calories. Got it. I’ve read that meat has a higher thermic value than fat, which is higher than carbohydrates. When you say fructose, are you referring to high-fructose corn syrup or whole fruit?

  8. 180degreehealth writes:

    @DerekChaunessey It’s not simply a matter of whether your diet is “perfect” or not. I’m talking about a specific dietary strategy to bring body temperature up. The most important element is that it is high in calories. Other provisions are made for low fructose intake and low omega 6 intake. You may be able to continue your current diet, but double the caloric intake.

  9. DerekChaunessey writes:

    My diet is perfect. It’s part Paleo and Mediterrasian. My thyroid would take exponentially longer if I did not take desiccated thyroid hormone. I gave it a chance and saw no improvement after months. The thyroid supplementation is giving me a boost.

  10. 180degreehealth writes:

    Usually it’s best to take it slow when it comes to thyroid hormone supplementation. Try following my dietary ideas as well to see how much of your low metabolism can indeed be fixed without any thyroid hormone supplementation whatsoever.

  11. DerekChaunessey writes:

    Excess soy caused me to develop hypothyroid symptoms, even though my thyroid hormone levels were normal. Went to three doctor who were clueless. Then I came across Doctor Starr’s book. I’m on five grains of Nature-Throid as we speak and have about a 30-40% improvement. No side effects, such as fast heart rate, high temperature, or tremors. Nothing whatsoever, which makes me think I am extremely thyroid deficient. Do you think this means I might need more than five grains?

  12. 180degreehealth writes:

    Thanks for the info. Lynn. Not talking about the autoimmune scenario in this podcast, but just the typical “sluggish metabolism” being medicated. Let me know of any autoimmune thyroid disease insights you come across. So far, I look at all autoimmune conditions the same – a disease of immune system hypervigilance.

  13. lynncrf writes:

    Also, when a person has autoimmune hypothyroidism, their gland IS BEING DESTROYED and eaten up. That is the function of antibodies. So, to ignore the high number of antibodies based on the crappy TSH is just a sign of ignorance.

  14. lynncrf writes:

    I am a big fan of Schwarzbein, but she is an endo and so has been brainwashed into believing the TSH test is the be-all-end-all. Therefore, she believes that if your TSH is normal, you are normal. This COMPELTELY ignores autoimmune hypothyroidism. At diagnosis, for example, my TSH was 1.64 BUT my antibodies were 180, when really a person should be at 0!

  15. rosenfeltc writes:

    gina, it’s because you are clicking on the hyperlink which is in fact not inlcuding the [1] so you need to highlight the hyperlink and the [1] and copy paste that into the URL and it will work

  16. ginavoce25 writes:

    Matt – the link you sent to the new e-zine does not work, again. It seems like the ones that don’t work have “[1]” before the “.pdf” Am I the only one who has this problem? Anyway, great podcast as usual!

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