RAW FOOD WEIGHT LOSS: How much fruit I eat in a day

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23 Responses to “RAW FOOD WEIGHT LOSS: How much fruit I eat in a day”

  1. Jaboie writes:

    Fruits are the best food for humans. Vegetables come in second. Meat and dairy come in at the bottom of the barrel with processed foods. Here is a hint for the clueless. What animal are humans similar to? Monkeys/Apes. What do apes naturally eat (note* they have not been programmed or conditioned by advertisements or their peers) Bananas, fruits, and wild plants. I don’t see any protein deficient apes running around. They look big and strong and healthy. There’s your sign.

  2. nikimathers1 writes:

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  5. ahsan56716 writes:

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  6. RubyIslam3 writes:

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  7. thegreenmachine90 writes:

    @bonelifeful there’s plenty of protein in all the foods she showed!

  8. huyamd writes:

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  9. johir25 writes:

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  11. bonelifeful writes:

    DUDE WHAT THE HELL… she doesnt eat any protein thats really unhealthy.

  12. princesl1 writes:

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  13. PyleJohn24 writes:

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  14. drivingbible writes:

    she looks fat here back in the days. fat . results came slowly for her like anyone. so eating like her is nothing special or like dieting or eating in small portions. whatever works for you.

  15. samisoulsify writes:

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  16. milon4200 writes:

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  17. twopure writes:

    Yeah I wish I could eat that much pineapple, but I guess I’m slightly allergic to them. . .anyway I’ve been a vegan for almost a year and my goal is to go raw before my 15th birthday (october) so yeah I’m going to be watching all your videos.

  18. sevrinaanastasia writes:

    I am the same way, to the point where I am allergic to Pineapple. Its one fruit I never eat.

  19. Sexmir writes:

    Two pinapples a day? Me tongue collapses and kinda tickles awkwardly from just one and i’m unable to eat sour fruits für a couple of hours.
    Is it something like training or getting used to?

  20. iwanttodanceallnight writes:


  21. folklorefrench writes:

    so everyday you eat around 3000 calories? how come then that u can lose weight??

  22. MagneticMadness writes:

    oh shut up you sound like a posh bitch. your face is nothing special. your body is average. get over yourself.

  23. ShesThe1yup writes:

    no WAY I could afford all that in a DAY probably couldnt even afford it in a week, being a mother of 5 we don’t have much $ to spare

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