RAW FOOD WEIGHT LOSS: How I Lost 35 lbs Eating 3000 Calories of Fruit Every Day!

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25 Responses to “RAW FOOD WEIGHT LOSS: How I Lost 35 lbs Eating 3000 Calories of Fruit Every Day!”

  1. Justin Morgan writes:

    I say this hesitantly because I usually appreciate pretty girls in bikinis,
    but you need to put some clothes on. I got frost bite from watching this

  2. satansaccomplice writes:

    this was the most helpful video about weight loss on raw that ive seen on
    youtube. seriously, ESPECIALLY as a woman…. you were so honest and
    encouraging and confident ! thank you for that. so many of us need to hear
    someone that has made it and hear their HONEST opinion and mindset. <3

  3. kate-mia white writes:

    Your skin looks great got to try this

  4. eric CHAMP writes:

    why would you need to lean down more? You look the perfect weight.

  5. hsghatora writes:

    I get you went running in after the video , haha – good luck

  6. billiethekid0 writes:

    You have a wonderful voice and a wonderful message, thank you for being so
    full of joy and inspirational, i’m glad you got out of hell..

  7. Kim Fortin writes:

    Awesome. Great to hear your story and what you went through to get to
    where you’re at now. You look fabulous and I really dig watching your vids

  8. Nadia Sykes writes:

    yeh come to toronto and try standing outside in a bikini…. 😛 you’ll die!
    Cute dog btw :)

  9. amaradewa song writes:

    It would be a shame for you not to shed pounds when other normal people
    lose weight easily using Fat Blast Factor (Look it up on google).

  10. James Harken writes:

    You’re seriously beautiful ugh

  11. Allison Lopez writes:

    You look fantastic and it’s crazy that anyone would say otherwise! 

  12. madsiteful writes:

    i absolutely loved this video! xx

  13. Raw Food Guru writes:

    Carbs moite.

  14. blondgirl81 writes:

    Most super models don’t look like super models 🙂
    Best always

  15. Andie O writes:

    Why do so many “raw food” youtubers wear crop tops or bikinis in their

  16. Prince Ricky Show writes:


  17. Max powers writes:

    What an awesome beautiful inside out lady !!! thumbs up 

  18. ThePinciotti writes:

    +Juliana Angelo
    Mine is i have my diet solution program with me.
    It has given me so much of what my body needs!
    I thought im gonna be a FAT guy here forever but
    truly it gave me an intense workout and diet plan
    method helped me lose tons of weight! Thanks to it!
    PS= im talking about the site:
    *put dots in place of the asterisks I sooo duper hate Yt Filters*

  19. Ramesh Kanna writes:

    Have you ever heard of someone average burning fat–and enjoying three full
    scrumptious meals at the same time? Copy and paste into Google Fat Blast
    Factor to discover more.

  20. stevensonrf writes:

    motivating video!

  21. IResonateWithU writes:

    lol, It will take a while but not that long. How do I know? I have been
    doing raw till 4 for 5-6 months. The first month I gained like 5 lbs and I
    was pissed. After that, weight started dropping and then plateaued. My past
    was brutal- I was bartender working 3 different jobs and I abused myself
    pretty bad. In my experience, 5-6 months was enough to see positive
    reinforcement. Im not there yet, I want to lose like 13 lbs, but my skin is
    clearer,my hair shinier, and I have tons of energy.

  22. Cynthia Smith writes:

    So, you’re saying that, if someone abused their bodies for 10, 20, 30
    years, it’s going to take that long to loose weight?! I’ll be a
    great-grandma or a skeleton in a coffin by then, and, well, that’s a sure
    way of loosing weight. You gave a very important piece of information, but
    can you give a little more details? No one wants or deserves to wait
    decades, or that’s just not realistic, right?

  23. nanatoldmeimaladybug writes:

    dog fight

  24. caitlin Pheasant writes:

    Thank you so much! you are so lovely. this video made me teary, i wanna
    come back to BC!!! beautiful video

  25. milk and honey writes:

    hahaha i just love the dogs in the background

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