RAW FOOD WEIGHT LOSS 175 POUNDS! crosspecans + liferegenerator + Fruits + Veggies = the way to go!

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50 Responses to “RAW FOOD WEIGHT LOSS 175 POUNDS! crosspecans + liferegenerator + Fruits + Veggies = the way to go!”

  1. rawfoodfamilylife writes:

    :-)´╗┐ Great video!

  2. FamilyGuyBlast writes:

    Great info here, also you´╗┐ can check this out if interested in weight loss /watch?v=9QpzdK7wdYY

  3. shelbycobra78 writes:

    I love´╗┐ Dan! ­čśë

  4. TheSamnil writes:

    Oh hai! Have you ever tried´╗┐ intellectus 424 diet (just google it)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my friend lost a ton of weight with it.

  5. TylerTolmanTT writes:

    Your Youtube fans are´╗┐ waiting patiently…

  6. ummayyoob09 writes:

    Susan is so lovely. She is radiant!´╗┐ <3

  7. kingstephen70 writes:

    crosspecan is great. both you looked pumped´╗┐ up

  8. ImThatNolly writes:

    Our pastor always reminds´╗┐ us how awesome we are in God’s eyes… ever since that, I’ve opened up myself to free others and let them know. You are all awesome… Jesus bought you all with a price. You all rock!

  9. austinscorpio23 writes:

    Dan, your outlook really charges me up, man. I´╗┐ watched a few videos and at first thought you were kind of crazy, but I can see your sincerity in this video. Good work, man. And Susan, you look fantastic and full of life. The best to both of you.

  10. kathurbahn writes:

    Susan, you are SO gorgeous. You remind me of the beautiful actress Helen´╗┐ Hunt. I wish you all the best and all the greatest blessings in life. You can do this!! Thank you, Dan! You are such a hero!!! xoxo

  11. tinternetman21 writes:

    …I can see´╗┐ your in the drivers seat. Peace & Light to you. Respect all the way from the UK

  12. tinternetman21 writes:

    Dude I’m a real person so I don’t say this lightly (I’m not gonna say I love you or any of that bs haha)…you’ve got heart…100%. Your real to me. In this world that is so awash with charlatans & cons or even´╗┐ good people with ulterior motives (usually for financial gain) its a like “thankyou” “where the f’ck have you been” “we need more people like you” because were way outnumbered in this game. It’s absolutely vital you continue your ripple effect. I don’t need to wish you luck because I can

  13. sillygoose544 writes:

    Food addiction is beatable! Say NO´╗┐ to surgery!

  14. Lifechanging1973 writes:

    aww Susan, I´╗┐ never saw this. I had no idea you had lost 175 pounds! Amazing! So proud of you. Much love sweetie!

  15. Lifechanging1973 writes:

    @marjorielard´╗┐ Great idea!

  16. wednesday454 writes:

    God Bless you Dan! AMEN!!´╗┐

  17. MsDcummings writes:

    I´╗┐ love this guy! Tell her to embrace her new self and believe that you deserve that bikini body!

  18. Tangerinetaco writes:

    Dan your eyes look so stunningly´╗┐ blue here, you’re an inspiration! Keep up the videos!

  19. Venode writes:

    Love you dan your the man with the master´╗┐ plan” ­čÖé

  20. MrMaryJanes writes:

    The people eating cooked food in the background´╗┐ make me laugh.

  21. periwinkleblue2 writes:

    Thank You Susan and Dan. I was looking for raw food starter information, saw a few, came here and POW! my wake up call. Dan, you hit a few life issues/things on the head for´╗┐ me – more than i was expecting when i came here. I won’t go into them here but this video expecially, had a message for me and it wasn’t just raw food. You said some things Dan…. Spirit … Deep calls to deep

  22. periwinkleblue2 writes:

    Thank You Susan and Dan. I was looking for raw food starter information, saw a few, came here and POW! my wake up call. Dan, you hit a few life issues/things on the head for me – more than i was expecting when i came here. I won’t go into them here but this video expecially, had a message for me and´╗┐ it wasn’t just raw food. You said some things Dan…. Spirit … Deep calls to deep

  23. Videodeathtyl writes:

    This damn channel is so damn beautiful and entertaining. ­čÖé
    I will drink a mango-banana-coconut smoothie now.

    Dan´╗┐ is the man.

  24. Videodeathtyl writes:

    @sweetescape0016 Stop at 3:27 … when Dan says “loosing weight” there´╗┐ is a very fat man. ­čÖé

  25. misseptember writes:

    @sweetescape0016´╗┐ ahahah

  26. emipurifoy writes:

    How do you afford the cost of eating 30 bananas, 25 dragon fruit, 25´╗┐ mangos, etc everyday? Help!

  27. alovelylittledeer writes:

    I suffer with acid issues, yet fruit is about 80% of my diet. The rest is salads/greens and small´╗┐ amount of cooked wholefoods. I don’t know why I have these issues.

  28. wordsaremytrade writes:

    You’re such an´╗┐ inspiration. Thank you!

  29. anamaria2979 writes:

    @LiquidButterflye or you can´╗┐ watch DR MORSE videos on diabetes,they are just great ! move your lymph and get that diabetes out of your body ! wish u well !!!

  30. DRu9 writes:

    Another brick´╗┐ in the wall confirming white people as the most fucked up bunch of morons in the world.

  31. SandhyaMadumali writes:

    I’ve noticed this new diet programs called DietOramy (explore google) – my sister said she begun making use of this and already got rid of handful of pounds, without feeling famished or even exhausted´╗┐ at all… what do you suppose, has anyone tried it yet?

  32. alexonewish writes:

    Hi,Freelee!I really admire you and you are a model for me! Iwant to become fruitarian,I had been long time ago for´╗┐ some months but i went back to cooked food:( I have a question for you and i want,please response me:How many meals is good to eat in a day??It`s bad to eat on the night?I`m really confused If it`s good to plan my meals on fixed hours or to eat when I`m really hungry?

  33. akwolfsong writes:

    @LiquidButterflye Raw food can reverse it but keep MOST of your diet vegetable and green leafy produce. Low glycemic fruits are ok in moderation such as berries. And exercise as it works like insulin but without the needles and pain and drugs ­čÖé It has worked for me when I was insulin dependant. I still need´╗┐ to take metformin but no more insulin ­čÖé

  34. milcky16 writes:

    I would love to eat a lot of fruit but I live in Poland, so fruits like bananas, mangos, oranges etc just dont grow here. And you can get them, but they’re really bad´╗┐ quality, unripe, and really expensive. So I’m stuck with apples :/ Any advice on what can I do in that situation?

  35. hellokitty8404 writes:

    @Freelea This really does work, I started eating more fruit because I realize I wasn’t eating enough….which is why I ended up going back to cooked food. This is the only thing´╗┐ that has helped me lose weight as I myself also suffered from the same symptoms.

  36. thatfruitarianchick writes:

    @yohijua agreed´╗┐ 100%.

  37. RelaxMF writes:

    can you lower yuor body fat´╗┐ to 7 precent and even lower when you eat as much fruits as you want??i mean like 4500 calories when you dont burn everything??thanks

  38. yohijua writes:

    @aleyledhead1 she’s obviously healthy and sharing how she does it. if she was a doctor she would be prescribing´╗┐ you chemicals,

    you should be your own doctor anyway, and figure things out for yourself instead of relying on others on how to work your body. its always nice to hear how others are doing it. living in hawaii, there are many fruit i tarians and they are all glowing and healthy. western civilization demands wisdom be got through the cookie cutter university’s certifications. shame

  39. aleyledhead1 writes:

    Hi freelee, what kind of doctor are you? I assume you are a dietitian or doctor because of all the medical claims you are making. Are these all anecdotal or do you have any sort of education/training to back your claims? I watch your videos so´╗┐ I am just wondering if you are some sort of quack, spouting off about their personal experiences or someone who actually knows what they are talking about. Thanks!

  40. RoseLeeMusic88 writes:

    Great video, Freelea. One question though. Assuming that someone eats a vegan diet, but not raw and still eats some oils, etc, what effect does that have if you eat a lot of fruit as well? I’ve always been taught calories in= calories out, but your results seem to be quite different from that philosophy. but what if you eat other foods? is it still a good idea to eat a lot´╗┐ of calories from fruit? hopefully this question makes sense. Thanks =)

  41. not801010 writes:

    WARNING: The 801010 diet is a niche marketing fad that people like Harley Johnstone and Doug Graham are promoting for both financial gain and to satisfy their blind belief that nature is wrong and that we are supposed to eat only fruit and greens. It is an extremely deficient diet which poses very serious long-term damage including brain atrophy. Durianrider is a prime example of this. If you want to do it to yourself, that’s your choice.´╗┐ But do not do´╗┐ it to your children, please!

  42. GakeAndFay writes:

    @vynyand7777 this is probably detoxication going on ­čÖé Or maybe you´╗┐ had fruits not on an empty stomach

  43. mountnbikes15 writes:

    Hi there, has someone here used Gallactico 324 Diet (google it) , one of my acquaintances lost great deal of bodyweight using Gallactico 324´╗┐ Diet, but just wanted a consumer review before opting for that.

  44. durianriders writes:

    @vynyand7777 Get rid of the other´╗┐ crap in your diet lol!

  45. alphabet112294 writes:

    what´╗┐ about vegetables?

  46. vynyand7777 writes:

    Maybe you have answered this before but what about the sugar crash after all that fruit?? One time I ate three apples to try and have more fruit and I nearly shit my pants. I had to crap in my work truck because I couldn’t make it to the bathroom. I was in pain from the sudden pressure´╗┐ and release. That was not fun and if I try to eat more than one banana in one sitting I get sleepy. How does this work ??

  47. a24989 writes:

    are´╗┐ steamed vegetables fine??

  48. abranda writes:

    so where would you direct me if i said´╗┐ that i was taught about insulin sensitivity…the more sugar and fructose, lactose, etc… we eat, we eventually get insulin resistant?

  49. medliberty writes:

    But arent nuts´╗┐ and seeds loaded with fat?

  50. Mafreaky777 writes:

    @Freelea Hi Freelea, Thanks for responding!! and so fast! Right now I’m at your “before” weight. ­čśë I did get down to 125 in 2009 eating raw foods, but I did calorie restrict and mostly tried to eat vegetables. I’m 5’5. Obviously I wasn’t eating enough, and went back to cooked food, and´╗┐ over the past few years, have gained all the weight back. I’ve learned a lot and am going to try again. Also have candida. It’s always hard to get back onto raw when I’ve been eating cooked!

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