Raise Metabolism?

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Question by GoBananas: Raise Metabolism?
ok so i’m not one of those people who can eat their weight in food and still be a stick, and i know it’s cuz they have a higher metabolism so they burn more energy instead of storing it. How do i raise my metabolism to be like that… i have to b on a constant diet it seems or else i gain weight eating normal. does anyone know how to raise metabolism (like a lot)?
i like the ideas… but i want to be able to raise metabolism and then eat whatever i want without weight… not stick to sum weird metabolism diet. is this impossible?

Best answer:

Answer by Paul M
6 small meals a day and a full body exercise plan.

if you build muscle, your body demans more calories and hence burns fat stores.

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4 Responses to “Raise Metabolism?”

  1. Mike writes:

    Yes….water, water and more water!!!! Drinking 16 oz. of refrigerated water every 2 hours will raise your bodys metabolism by 40%!!!! That’s huge. Remember…your body has to heat that water to 98.6 degrees.
    It’s cheap and very, very effective. The downside is that you will be peeing more than usual, but the upside of that is the cleansing effect it has on your body. So, drinking cold water not only raises your metabolism, but also helps detox the body!

  2. Jenna writes:

    To elaborate on the first answer a bit, each lb of muscle uses 50 calories every single day just to maintain. So, if you add 10 lbs of muscle, that’s 500 more calories you can eat per day and maintain..
    Weight training, eating several times a day and eating a normal maintenance amount of calories (about 2000 for most women), all combined can raise your metabolism substantially. Of course, get your body fat analyzed so that when you do put on lbs you can tell if it’s muscle. A lb of muscle is much smaller then a lb of fat.. Here’s a photo to compare.

  3. typhoo2 writes:

    Drinking lots of ice-cold water help flushes ur system and burns more cals to heat it up (and having to get up to go to the bathroom will burn more cals!)
    Eating spicy food (just dont go for high-calorie ones!
    Building muscle – u burn 50 cals more per 1lb.
    Eat little and often to ensure ur blood levels dont go too low and keeps ur motabalism going – remember not to eat too little as this will slow it down!
    Green tea is another good drink as it helps speed up ur metabolism

    Those are all the trciks i know – hope that helps!

  4. Destiny writes:

    I would suggest a cleansing diet. I lost 12 pounds in 9 days and then 28 pounds in less than a month. I also lost a lot of inches too! I learned that cleansing will help the body get rid of toxins. Toxins come from a lot of things like fast food, pollution, food additives and preservatives and lots of other things. The toxins get stored in the fat in our body. To get rid of the fat, we have to get rid of the toxins by cleansing the body. This made sense to me and I decided to try a cleanse program and it worked. The weight came off fast and this kept me motivated to keep going, not like other diets where the weight loss it too slow. I did Jenny Craig, Weight Watcher and Medifast. If you want to learn more call the toll free number 1-877-587-4647 or check out the website. This was the first time I ever did a cleanse, it was easy and I feel better. Good luck whatever you decide to do! http://diet4cleansing.tripod.com

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