Q&A: who knows a good product for boosting metabolism?

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metabolism boosting
by stirwise

Question by sage: who knows a good product for boosting metabolism?
I am exercizing and eating a balanced diet but my metabolism is sluggish.I am looking for a product/products that anyone out there has tried that works to boost the metabolism that you would share.

Best answer:

Answer by JavaJoe
Nothing can help to boost your metabolism except a lot of hard work.

Do the following:

1: Eat 5-6 small meals a day. Always have something in your stomach to keep the fires going.

2: Eat the proper foods. Stop eating junk food, eat whole grains, lean meats and leafy green veggies.

3: Drink plenty of water.

4. Exercise every day for at least an hour. Do not stop this.

5. Get plenty of sleep. Your body needs time to recover.

Do this for at least a month (6-8 weeks is optimal) and you should find your metabolism running a lot hotter.

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5 Responses to “Q&A: who knows a good product for boosting metabolism?”

  1. hailfeal writes:

    eating more often, smaller meals. i found that eating 6 times a day helped my metabolism. this has worked for a few of my friends too. i heard that a glass of red wine a day helps too. stay away from any drugs that are supposed to help. stay healthy the natural way and there will be no suprises later on. good luck

  2. luvcnme4vr writes:

    i agree with the above.
    eat grapefruit before a meal.

  3. Guy Lover writes:

    eat a lot of fiber

  4. alison k writes:

    Chromium Picolinate is found over the counter and is a good metabolism booster to help you boost your metabolism, it also boosts any results due to excise in weight loss terms. The only thing is, if you are using this to boost your metabolism for weight loss then you can do something like 5-10 minutes of jumping jacks or running in place to get your heart rate up in the morning when you wake up. Most important, make sure that you consult with your doctor to make sure that it is ok for you to start any exercise or over the counter drug plan. Plus this supplement is all natural and can boost metabolism fast. Also when you workout in the morning enough to get your heat rate up and blood flowing goo it is proven to keep your metabolism at higher levels and more energy all day. http://www.chromax.com/content/chromax_about.aspx these are the benefits of chromium picolinate and http://www.bodybuildingforyou.com/articles-submit/adrian-bryant/2-ways-fat-loss.htm
    this article speaks of how to exercise in the morning and healthy meals rev up your metabolism. I have done both of these and I have results from both so good that my metabolism is still high and I have stopped using the chromium supplement, I still exercise in the morning though, because it is a good wake me up and I feel good all day, I have also noticed that my energy levels are through the roof from exercising a little in the morning before breakfast then eating healthy foods like vegetables, chicken(not fried unless you don’t eat the skin on it, whole grain breads, fruits, beans and eggs and tuna…the list goes on. Give it a try, you’ll feel better and have more energy i no time, I did.

  5. TANIA S writes:

    I used to have the same problem you have now, when i searched internet I remember I mixed up! there were lot’s of products that promise you the world! but nothing you get for the money you pay.unfortunately I tested most of them and got no result, but lastly, I asked a doctor and he reffered me to this website: http://www.avatrim.com/?aid=298248 , and really their product is amazing, it’s made of green tea and it’s natural, I received it in special package! I got the result that I expected and even more.
    Hope this help you too.

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