Q&A: which causes more weight loss- throwing up after you eat or the use of laxatives?

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Question by guitarchick4221: which causes more weight loss- throwing up after you eat or the use of laxatives?
I know its wrong but im just curious from the people who have actually tried both who have had their temporary weight loss and who actually got skinny because of it. Ive heard laxatives dont make u any skinnier they just show a smaller number on the scale.

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Answer by Balla
I just ate 6 pieces of french toast i need to throw up, but that sucks!

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5 Responses to “Q&A: which causes more weight loss- throwing up after you eat or the use of laxatives?”

  1. sexyfingernails writes:

    idk…all i know is that they’re both dangerous and please, please don’t do either of them (i know you said that you were just curious…but you never know what you might decide to do some day)…please, ive been down both those paths…and its not good stuff…who even cares what causes more weight loss? that doesn’t even matter…its just not good…and i honestly get so scared when i read questions that have to do with things that ive gone through…and ive been through about everything in the book…so, my point is, don’t even be wondering such a question…all that should be going through your mind, is how harmful both can turn out to be…

  2. skelly#1 writes:

    personally i think that throwing up will cause u to loose weight as then u will not have consumed anything that will actually be digested so then the body wont have anything to break down however with laxatives u consume but retains the food for only a short period of time.

  3. Tyler B writes:

    throwing up

    laxatives actually make you gain weight because they make your body retain fluids, so you’ll loose weight initially but gain back 2x as much. not to mention it wreaks havoc on your digestive tract

    so if you HAVE to go bulimic, drink alot of water right before you throw up to help with the huge amount of stomach acid coming up your throat and threw your mouth. that way your teeth wont turn brown and you wont fuck up your throat

  4. JP writes:

    using lexatives makes you feel skinnier but i don’t think you actually lose any weight, just eliminate the waste from your body…I don’t know about throwing up, i’ve never really got into that

  5. Jessy writes:

    You may get a short term weight loss but not a long term one using these methods.

    The way to lose weight is through a diet and fitness routine.

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