Q&A: what is the fastest way to boost metabolism?

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Question by Gus: what is the fastest way to boost metabolism?
im 14 very active but have a slower metabolism…i want any ways to boost metabolism. any means necessary.

Best answer:

Answer by Derek Ptwetg
Eat a large healthy breakfast, and large healthy lunch and a smaller healthy dinner.

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2 Responses to “Q&A: what is the fastest way to boost metabolism?”

  1. Robinson Cruz writes:

    Well, there is no fast way. Studies show that you can shift your metabolism more toward fat-burning away from carb-burning with an hour of cardio workout 3 times a week. But the shift isn’t huge. Also, look into high-intensity interval training. Search that on google and you will find lots of info. It isn’t magic, so don’t let anyone talk you into buying anything. It is a workout concept where you go as hard as you can on most any cardio type exercise (running, elliptical, road bike, stationary bike, treadmill, stair stepper, etc.) for about 30 seconds. I mean really push yourself to the limit for that short time. Then back off to a slower rate of the same exercise until you catch your breath and you can go hard again (maybe 4 minutes, less when you get in better shape). Do that for 5 cycles or so, about a half hour total. Studies show that beginning exercisers respond more quickly to high-intensity interval training of this kind than to a more steady cardio training approach, like jogging or biking at one speed. That’s true even if you work out for a shorter total time.

    But remember, there are no fast solutions or easy solutions, nor can you really change your metabolism a lot. Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong.


  2. benjamin writes:

    There are various ways you can help increase your metabolism. I know most teenagers probably skimp on the sleep but that is also one important part.

    Another important aspect you’ll want to look at would be to have a good hearty breakfast. You would want food with high protein and good grain or fiber. This way your body takes more effort and calories to actually burn the food.

    Additionally have the biggest of your meals in the morning and also have intervals of exercise throughout the day.

    Exercise help boost the metabolism and keep it higher for a short while. Interval exercise such as intense, natural, intense, natural is great exercise for keeping your metabolism higher after the exercise.

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