Q&A: What is the best weight loss diet out there?

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Question by Renze Ten cate: What is the best weight loss diet out there?
I’ve tried some fast weight loss programs but haven’t found the one I need yet. I have even tried weight loss pills. Please help me!

Best answer:

Answer by arch0049
1 – pills don’t work. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a 1000 different brands. They would make one pill that works. And, everyone would use it. PERIOD.

2 – Fast plans don’t work. Human biology/evolution is to respond to long period of not eating, by overeating later. Evolution is real. It is our evolutionary habit to overindulge in food when we yo-yo diet. Our ancestors even a few generations back didnt have access to clean, healthy food at all times like we do. So, they overate when times where good (fall feast = thanksgiving) and drank lots of water and canned/bottled foods when times were lean. And, since man’s time on earth up until the last few hundred years, famine/starvation was the biggest the threat to a human being. That is why you are inclined to overeat after fast loss programs.

3 – balanced diet (50% carbs 30-40% protein 10-20% fats), 45min-1hr of cardio 4-5 days a week and moderate weight lifting 2-3 days a week. Lots of rest, drink lots of water.

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