Q&A: What is an excellent way to boost metabolism naturally?

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Question by Deleted_Life: What is an excellent way to boost metabolism naturally?
I am in a weight loss competition and I suffer from low metabolism. I am told it is because I have a tendency to skip meals and allow myself to become dehydrated.

What is a great way to help boost my metabolism?

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Answer by A-Bizzle
EAT SPICY FOODS ie jalapeños,peppers, and salsa, i have eaten that stuff since I was a kid and I can’t seem to put on weight!! good luck =)

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9 Responses to “Q&A: What is an excellent way to boost metabolism naturally?”

  1. justbeingher writes:

    Exercise and drink water. Eat 6 small meals a a day and stay away from anything white.

  2. Nsane writes:

    Drink green tea.

  3. smokin.kush420 writes:

    build muscle the more muscle you have the more calories your body burns

  4. Ken J writes:

    I was looking around at some blogs and found some guy that said he found an easy way to lose weight and gain musele. his blog address was http://www.fatburnerfurnace.blogspot.com check it out maybe it will make things easier for you.

  5. Sans writes:

    Eat constantly !I know you may think that would make you fat but it doesn’t (munch baby carrots, fruits) the constant chewing leadst he body to constantly work out because digestion burns calories so there is less time to rest. Plus drink cold water the body needs to work to make it warm while it goes down. Do small spurts of exercise throughout the day instead of a long one this will keep your body on its toes!

  6. Kayla writes:

    I keep hearing to eat spicy foods, so it must be true. Makes sense though. Anything high in protein, like peanut butter, fish, chicken, etc. Stick to WATER only, and drink a lot of water everyday!

    Good Luck! =]

  7. PontificalPape writes:

    To up your metabolism you need to exercise every day- since it’s a competition, I’d do AT LEAST 45 minutes of cardio (I do an hour) and also strength training (weight lifting). Then, as far as eating, eat breakfast, as well as a small meal every 4 hours. As was said, don’t eat “white” things (simple, refined carbohydrates). Eat only whole, natural foods. Stay as far away from sugar as possible. Drink only water and green tea (be sure to swish your mouth with water, or better yet brush your teeth afterwards because tea stains your teeth). Don’t eat anything within 3 hours of going to sleep at night.

  8. Laurence W writes:

    Get strong.

    Adding muscle is worth about 50 calories a pound a day. Having low body fat from exercise, you will lose more body heat that your body will generate. That’s another metabolism boost. That’s why thin people tend to eat a lot and are cold.

    Adding 20 lbs of muscle x 50 calories is 1000 calories a day boost.

    Be more active, and work at gaining muscle, then stay more active as you get stronger.

    Be inactive, and your muscles will atrophy, shrink. Slowing your metabolism.

    Eat too little, and you risk your body thinking it is starving, and slowing down the metabolism to save your life.

  9. AJay writes:

    To lose excess weight, include physical activity in your daily routine. The calories you’ll burn will help promote weight loss. Second, start a strength training program.
    Natural ways to boost metabolism fit into two categories. The first is foods and supplements that you can take. The second is your lifestyle, how active you are and the types of activities that you do.
    There are many supplements and foods to take that will increase your metabolism.
    Green tea, drink it in moderation or look for caffeine free products.
    Cayenne Pepper is thought to increase the metabolism of dietary fats and suppress the appetite.
    Aerobic exercise will boost your resting metabolism during and after the initial exercise. The more aerobic exercise you do the more your metabolism will be boosted.

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