Q&A: What exercises to do to get fit in 2 months?

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Question by YogaYoda: What exercises to do to get fit in 2 months?
I dont go to gyms, i have weights, and a home gym, plus walking or jogging? Any ideas,plus a sensible eating plan?

Best answer:

Answer by Amerie
waist flab, *core rhythms workout DVD* works the best! I’ve tried losing my flab around my waist for at least 5 years and Core rhythms gave me a result in 2 months.

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4 Responses to “Q&A: What exercises to do to get fit in 2 months?”

  1. bodyreader writes:

    Seriously, you need to do the P90X. It is a three body busting, muscle confusion workout that gives phenomenal results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. GodLike writes:

    If your in really bad shape you might have water weight. Easily lost with walking everyday and challenging yourself to get farther and farther all the time. I believe that it takes 20 minutes for the body to start burning fat but when your out of shape its a lot less.
    However if your in decent shape just looking to trim up, first off eat breakfast. Alot of people dont do that and wonder why they have no energy. Eat every 3 hours smaller portions that you would do if you had 3 meals a day.
    Try eating penut butter sandwiches between lunch and dinner Decent carbs. Some protein, essential fats that your body needs and it tastes good :P.
    Dont be fooled if you read something with 30 carbs and turn it down. You need lots of carbs in order to be moving around everyday and working out. I learned that the hard way falling asleep everyday at 7 pm waking up at 6 the next day.
    If you like vegetables, celery is good by itself, you use more calories eating it than you gain so thats a plus when your eating between meals. Put some penut butter on it and your fixed.
    Chicken, turkey and some fish have no fat so they are good for dieting
    -Sorry for long response im just a puttin ideas out there.

  3. kellifromkeller writes:

    You need to eat lean meats (chicken, fish, turkey, lean beef) , low gi fruits (apples, bananas, pineapple, oranges), green veggies (broccoli, celery, green lettuce, spinach), only whole wheat breads (look on the package and see if the first ingredient is whole wheat flour, if it is it should be good unless it has high fructose corn syrup like Mrs Bairds does). Jillian Michaels from biggest loser has a great quote, “before you eat your food ask yourself, does it have a momma or did it come from the ground? If not don’t eat it.” Eat 5 – 6 small meals a day, this will increase your metabolism and help you to not feel so hungry in between meals. It’s all about portion and calorie control regardless of what food you are eating, but remember cleaning up your diet and eating X amount of calories of lean good healthy foods instead of X amount of calories of candy bars (I know you are probably not eating 4 candy bars a day but its just an example) will help you lose it faster. The leaner you are eating the faster you will lose it, and you will get a toned healthy look instead of a skinny jiggly look. You also need to drink at least 8 glasses (8oz) of water a day. Sometimes hunger is mistaken for thirst so if you are hungry drink 8 oz of water and wait 30 minutes, if you are still hungry then eat a light healthy snack. Water also helps you feel fuller longer and helps flush out toxins that may prevent fat loss. Also allow your self a cheat day (but don’t go over board and eat everything in sight or like 5 cakes in that day). Allowing yourself a cheat day once a week will help cut out cravings… Think of it like a reward if you did well with your diet and exercise that week have a piece of pie… If not just stick with you healthy food. You can find recipes for decent tasting healthy foods on sights like bodyforlife.com and bodybuilding.com and also on recipe sights like allrecipes.com, foodfit.com, cookinglight.com and foodnetwork.com

    You need to do a good mix of both cardio and strength training, strength training is not going to make you look like Arnold, I promise (unless you are taking test). Toning and building muscle strength will help you lose fat quicker as you will be burning calories all day to feed your muscle tone instead of just while you doing cardio activity and it increases metabolism. Running, walking, rollerblading, swimming are good cardio work outs. You can also get some at home videos. I personally like Gilad’s Kick boxing, ten minute solutions videos (ten minute solutions are good because they have 5 ten minute segments and you can do one or all five or three or what ever you want to do at the time and they have a variety, like dance, pilates, yoga, etc.), shape and woman’s health videos. Get your self some 5 pound dumbbells or a gym member ship and do bicep curls, push ups, sit ups, squats, dead lifts, lunges, tricep over head extensions, chest presses, shoulder presses, etc. You can do most of this on your own if you just go and buy some free weights, but a gym membership is helpful as well. If you do end up getting a gym membership I would consult a personal trainer (most memberships come with a free session) they can show you what to do and come up with a meal plan for you… You can find the videos I mentioned on the web at collagevideo.com, or at ross (cheap cheap at ross) or walmart or any other place that sells dvds.

    Lastly, don’t get discouraged, it takes time… you should be losing 2 pounds of fat a week safely, more is not typically safe. but you could gain weight especially if you are gaining muscle. So if you get on the scale and it says you’ve gain two pounds don’t freak out… just look in the mirror and go by how your clothes look and feel on you. Hope this helps! email me if you have any other questions!

  4. Airee writes:

    It depends on how fit you are now, and how fit you want to be in 2 months.

    In 6 months, I need to be able to run a mile in under 10 minutes, complete 35 sit ups in 2 minutes and do a dead hang for a total of 12 seconds. Currently, I’m able to do sit ups, and have a 13 minute mile run, and my dead hang is at only 3 secs.

    Basically, I gave myself a reasonable amount of time to get fit/strong enough to pass IST for Marine Corps bootcamp.

    So if you want to get your mile time down by 3 min, its possible to do within two months.(I used to run a mile in 18 min, then got it down to 14, and now its at 13.)

    Heres some good exercises that help:
    “In-Home Cardio Workouts : How to Do Side Hop Exercises” Look that up on youtube. Its great for the calves.

    Pushups. You can never do too much of them, and after a week of doing them, you gain muscle, and you are able to do more.

    Crunches. They hurt, they hurt a lot, but they definetly help you out when running. You’ll be amazed at the muscles you use when working out.

    Stretching. The MOST important part to exercising. Look up on youtube some good ways to stretch.

    To build up cardio endurance: Do 10 minutes of a sprint, 10 minutes of slow jogging, 5 minutes jump rope, and 5 minutes of dancing. You would have gotten in 30 minutes of cardio exercise, and built up your endurance.

    Foods: My recruiter was telling me how for women in boot camp, they aren’t allowed to eat “fatty foods” he told me some of these foods included:
    Cheese(pre sliced)
    sugary foods(cake, cookies, candy, ect)

    Try to eat more vegetables than you do anything else. If that means a salad, or a huge plate of spinnach. Any vegetable will do.

    Drink water. Tons of it. And everyday, allow yourself a 1 1/2 cup of a flavored drink(that doesn’t have too much sugar in it.)


    I hope this helped.

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