Q&A: Should I have lost weight on Metformin after 2 months?

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Question by curious J: Should I have lost weight on Metformin after 2 months?
I am taking Metformin 1000mg at bedtime, for 2 months, and I have not lost a single pound. My doctor put me on so that I could get my periods started, and lose weight before getting pregnant. I got the periods, but no weight loss. I am 31, and I am not diabetic, but my insulin levels we a little high. Any thoughts?

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Answer by colostomy_punch
My mom was not only type 2 diabetic but also had very irregular periods. Her doctor put her on Metformin as well and all I know is she had to work twice as hard to lose ANY weight what so ever. It’s very unfortunate but people with hormone imbalances and thyroid issues etc. have a really hard time losing weight. As for your insulin you’re going to want to try and keep your blood sugar level throughout the day. not only will you feel better but it will actually aid in weight loss because it keeps your metabolism up and on it’s feet. Hope I helped.

I also wrote this.. article I guess you could call it about weight loss/management so you might like to read it.

If you want to LOSE weight:

Do not starve yourself, this isn’t going to help you. In the long run you’re just going to put your body into starvation mode, kill your metabolism, and actually make you more unhealthy than you started. Women need to eat a MINIMUM of 1200 calories per day and men need to eat a minimum of 1500 calories per day. Also remember if you exercise, you have to eat more to refuel. If you want a good site to track your calories/exercise on you can go here: www.livestrong.com

For people who want to GAIN weight or can’t seem to make your calorie goal each day:

Eat HEALTHY high calorie foods. you shouldn’t load up on junk food. Just because you’re skinny does not mean you are HEALTHY. A skinny person can still clog their arteries, have diabetes, etc. etc. Try eating these high calorie HEALTHY foods:

– All natural peanut butter
– Dark chocolate
– Raw almonds, cashews & other nuts
– Fruit & especially Fruit Juice
– Whole grains, pastas, rice & cereals
– Potatoes, yams
– Sunflower seeds
– Dried fruit
– Beans & other legumes
– Avocado
– Dairy such as 2% milk, cheese, yogurt
– Fish high in omega-3’s such as salmon, tuna
– Red meats with the word “round” or “loin” in the name
– Cook vegetables/meats/etc in olive oil
– Add flaxseed or flaxseed oil to your food
– If you can’t get enough calories from food, try a meal replacement shake. Add peanut butter, flax oil, fruit, etc to make it even more calorie dense.

Some random facts:

You cannot target one part of your body (example, your face) and tell your body to lose weight ONLY there. Losing weight is an all over thing.. you cannot control it. you cannot tell your body .. lose 10 pounds.. only from this thigh or leg or arm or stomach… it’s all over! your body is going to do what it wants to do.

I’m so sick of girls saying “is my diet okay” then I open it and it says “breakfast: nothing, lunch: water, dinner: celery” no.. that’s not okay! I get that everyone wants to be thin and strive for perfection but you need to be HEALTHY first and foremost.

Also I just wanted to add:

All the spam going around about acai berry, it’s bs. Don’t buy into ANY “diet” losing weight and being healthy is a complete lifestyle not just a diet. Diet to me implies you’re going to lose the weight then come off the “diet” in which case.. you’ll gain it back. If you want to maintain real results you have to work at it every single day. So to all of you whining about acai berry, special k challenges, green tea, blah blah… stop. Acai berry is rich in anti oxidents but will not help you lose 100 lbs in a week like they claim.. that’s impossible, the special k challenge isn’t really a challenge.. they just want you to eat right and exercise.. which is what you SHOULD be doing. They just want you to supplement your meals with their cereals and products. It’s for money, that’s it. Green tea helps speed your metabolism a bit, yes. but remember there CAN be too much of a good thing. you need to balance all the food groups, watch your sodium, intake a lot of water, and get your body moving.. that’s it. eat right, exercise. I know people are always looking for the right thing or the magic pill but im sorry.. there just isn’t one.

People need to stop beating themselves up over the simplest things. So many posts saying “OH GOD.. I ATE A SUNDAE TODAY.. I RUINED EVERYTHING.” no.. you didn’t. saying you’ll never eat a sundae, or fast food, or anything unhealthy again is unrealistic. Of course you’re going to eat junk food sometimes, of course you’re going to go over your calorie goal but who cares? we all have to have a balance and that’s why a lot of people have a “cheat” day where once a week or month they have a day where they dont care about calories or good or bad foods. they eat what they want. Don’t chastise yourself for being human.

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