Q&A: morning metabolism booster?

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metabolism booster
by mrcd@sbcglobal.net

Question by Tarriena: morning metabolism booster?
Hi guys, I wanted to know if eating breakfast is the same thing as going on like a morning walk or run………cuz sometimes i cant eat breakfast in the morning but ive been doing it but sometimes i dont have the time.

So could i just go on a run/walk instead? Or should i just keep eating breakfast thnx!!
guess ill stick to soccer as my exercise hehe 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by lv_consultant
nutrition is more important than exercise. never skip a meal to workout. when you awake from sleep the body is in a catabolic and fasted state. exercising in this condition puts the body into a greater catabolic state as the level of bad hormones will continue to elevate until the body is feed.

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4 Responses to “Q&A: morning metabolism booster?”

  1. sensei ronald j.f. panlilio writes:

    Eating breakfast should be a priority. Eating helps start your body’s engine burning calories. If you dont eat your body goes into starvation mode and holds on to the food in your body instead of processing food from the day before. So you actually get fatter if you dont eat breakfast, cause the body does not know when it will get its next meal. It is like putting gas on a fire. If you put gas on then the fire burns the whole day. But if the fire gets no gas, then it will extinguish and stop burning until it gets more fuel. You must eat throughout the day to keep burning all of the food that comes into your body and turning it into energy and muscle. Eat small healthy snacks or protein shakes in between meals to keep the furnace burning. Fruits and veggies or yogurt are great snacks, or a bag of nuts or granola. I love to have fruit in between my big meals.

    If you have to choose between running in the morning and eating I would choose eating. Run when you have time, if you deplete your body of energy and do not eat your body will definitely go into starvation mode and stor everything as fat, plus there will be no food to turn all that exercise into muscle. So you are doing double damage to your exercise goals. by working out and not eating.

  2. midnitestar82 writes:

    There is a BIG difference. Eating breakfast is food to the brain. Taking a walk without food in the belly actually makes your cravings stronger because you are burning calories that are not there. You may eat heavier due to this.
    You need to eat three meals a day as well as snacks here and there. You should eat a granola bar or a yogurt, something quick and simple. It will give you energy for your walk in the morning.
    Food helps the brain function at top speed.

  3. folladj writes:

    Do both if you can. Eating breakfast every morning boosts metabolism and keeps your hunger in check the rest of the day. Try to never skip it! If you have time, walking in the morning is also a great tool.

  4. Kevin writes:

    it will help but you’ll get run down quicker than normal prob. i never eat breakfast and i walk a mile from my car to work. not a lot but it def helps keep some pounds off.

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