Q&A: Metabolism boosting Pills, are they safe?

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Question by melissa: Metabolism boosting Pills, are they safe?
There’s been all this talk and advertising for pills that help jump start and boost your metabolism, so your workouts can help burn fat faster. Are these really safe? Are there any out there that really do work? and what are the low points about taking these?

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Answer by kielbasa7
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, safe , safe, pills, pills, pills,metab, metabolism. They make money off of this and that is all.

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3 Responses to “Q&A: Metabolism boosting Pills, are they safe?”

  1. alorarhi writes:

    If it’s to good to be true it probably is in the long run.

  2. mflour2003 writes:

    of course, it DEPENDS on the pill. boosting yoru metabolizm just sounds like misinformation b/c it doens’t mean anytihng. try to say that to someone that knows science and they will be like oook boost. it’s just not specific enough. sure chemicals do stuff and that would be reacting with other chemicals. burning fat and working out are not as related as you might think. fat is a store of energy. calories are a unit of energy. like inch is a unit of distance. the more energy you use then only somewhat more fat you metabolize. you can also metabolize sugars or amino acids. in fact you can make fat from sugar. that’s right, dont eat fat and you will still make it. it’s a good thing in the right amount.

    nothing i have read in science papers says that a specific drug helps in increasing fat metabolizm. if i were you i would first get some biochemistry knowledge. yes i know it’s boring and you hate it and you cant stand it. but if you knew it then you would have some power. read the source i listed specifically the part on lipid metabolism.

    instead of using pills that have no evidence and not been tested. try decreasing the fat intake and using more calories than you eat.

  3. FitGuy writes:

    The claim is usually coming from products that help increase thermogenesis (process by which the body generates heat) and thus may indirectly lead to a heightened energy/metabolic state.

    There is indeed some evidence to back up their claims, including scientific reports of pronounced increases in glucose metabolism, increases in insulin production and increases in fat oxidation. The over-all effect is usually an increase in energy expenditure and decrease in body fat.

    Yes, they do work, but you must take them in the morning, on an empty stomach and followed by at least 30 minutes of cardio with your heart rate between 70%-80% of your max (seek a personal trainers advice before trying this if you are not conditioned)

    There are several contraindications for such products depending on your condition, and you’re best to check with your Physician before taking them. Most are relatively safe if you are healthy, young and use them as subscribed.


    Note that each of these products above have different ingredients and have different individual reactions.

    High points:
    – work well if used consistently.
    – Decrease body fat levels at a fast rate if used properly
    – may improve mood in some individuals

    Low points:
    – addictive
    – may cause irritability in some individuals
    – side effects such as heart palpations common

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