Q&A: Metabolism boosting?

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Question by Katie S: Metabolism boosting?
I’m an active, 25 year old female. It’s been suggested to me to try a three day metabolism boosting ‘diet’ of mainly lean ground beef and green veggies to ‘flush’ out the carbs and get my body more focused on burning those last stubborn 3 pounds. Does this work? Will you put the 3 pounds back on the 4th day when you reintroduce you carbs? I’m not looking for a lifestyle change to low-carb dieting… I don’t buy into that at all. But will a 3 day program offer a boost?

I work out 6 days a week for at least 1.5 hours (including cardio/strength training/stretching) with a goal to (besides kill those last 3 pounds) tone up my muscles and it seems like my body may suffer without the carbs with that routine.

any thoughts?

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Answer by Laura L
Check out these sites for great diet and exercise tips:



Hope it helps!!!

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2 Responses to “Q&A: Metabolism boosting?”

  1. APS JAS writes:

    I think the diet you are talkign about is the TNT diet. In fact this diet is actaul a 12 week plan during whihc the first 4 weeks advocates mow carbs via eating only vegetables and some fruits. Then as you move into 5th week on, you introduce a few meal of normal carbs from grains.

    The thing is if you reduce the amount of protein you eat and increase the carbs the equation remains the same if you substitute in the right quantities. Both have 4 calories per gram so if you just keep the amoont of grams the same but change the protein for carbs you should not get any weight gain.

    I would like to highlight to you that wiht oyur exercise routine and intensity…you should have some carbs before your exercise and some after, They should not be unhealthy but quick absorbing sugars like fruits. Also low ccarb does not mean no carb. You can eat as much vegeatbles as you can without feeling stuffed. vegetables are full of water and fibre and low incalories, You feel full but wihtout the calories. Good Luck

  2. iqbsrob writes:

    There is nothing to buy into it use to be life for most Americans prior to the 1990’s that is why people did not have weight problems back then. I do not have a weight problem know because I got back to what makes sense. Food has changed a lot that is why people are either over weight, obese, or have diabetes, high blood pressure and all sorts of disease. The stats for 2017 are alarming for women in America. You and many other will always have to deal with the weight issue because of the closed mind. Read, start at http://www.stayinformed.info/health/weightcontrol.htm. Not be seem harsh, but so many people are struggling in very large numbers and it begin with a little weight.

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