Q&A: Its the fat question again… (weight loss, lose lbs, fast)…?

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Question by question_asker: Its the fat question again… (weight loss, lose lbs, fast)…?
So I’m fat (5’5 / 115lbs / 52kg / female / 15yrs old) and really wanna lose weight. I think i wanna be round 100lbs (48-50kg)…..
i need extreme fast weight loss tips. there are so many on the web but they are for people who are like obese and its easy for them to lose weight fast coz they have so much weight…

Best answer:

Answer by xba_friend
you have to be realy dedicated to loose weight and you’ll be losing pounds in days

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8 Responses to “Q&A: Its the fat question again… (weight loss, lose lbs, fast)…?”

  1. ambg writes:

    eat a high fiber diet, and lots of protein and dark leafy green vegetables. Just because some people are obese, doesnt mean that they loose weight quicker. They are probably a lot older, and their metabolism has slown down. you’re still a kid, so yours is fast, you’d probably have an easier time loosing it at your age.

  2. ad2011 writes:

    You could try this:

    try not to feel guilty about eating; eating and hunger are not bad and shouldn’t be felt guilty about. You shouldn’t try to fight your hunger; you should eat when you’re hungry, but only physically hungry(hunger that comes on gradually), not emotionally hungry(hunger that comes on instantly). The trick is tho u have to “consciously eat” which means you need to pay attention to what you’re eating w/out interruptions(ex. TV, computer, readling); here’s how to do this:

    1.Take your utensil in your hand and get 1 bite of food in your mouth.
    2. Put down the silverware and chew the food 20-30 times each; enjoy the bite of food while chewing it.(This aims to make you reduce your chewing speed by 50%)
    3.Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you feel satisfied; try not to get super-full ever again. Also try not to get super-hungry ever again either; both of these states are not good for the body.

    Also, here are 4 “golden” rules of eating:
    1. When You Are Hungry, Eat

    2. Eat What You Want, Not What You Think You Should

    3. Eat Consciously And Enjoy Every Mouthful

    4. When You Think You Are Full, Stop Eating

  3. cordeliabrainiac writes:

    You are 5’5 and weigh 115 lbs? You are at a healthy weight.

    You might consider light weight lifting for toning. Please don’t lose any weight, you don’t need to.

  4. superficialblonde writes:

    you are too small already… 5’5 and 115 lbs???
    Its summer, just swim and walk- do things to build muscle and tone. Remember–Muscle weighs more than fat…..

  5. gym guy writes:

    First of all, by looking for extreme measures your on the wrong track. It will only put you on a roller coaster.
    Start a properly supervised weight training program and stay away from high fat and sugary foods.
    After one year of this regiment you’ll be glad you did.

    Good luck

  6. Nik V writes:

    Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diets is a web-based budget diet program. It is an Online Diet Generator which allows you to choose types of foods you enjoy and then generates an 11-day diet menu of your own.

    The main purpose for the program is to help you lose belly fat by eating the right foods at the right time each day. You can choose types of foods you like and then create a diet menu of your own. These foods will correct amount of your fat burning hormone, so you can drop pounds fast and safely.

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  7. Eldyey writes:

    Well I’m here again!
    Not being boastful but I know just the right way on how to loose fat immediately, unharmful, efficiently and effectively without a big boring a hole on your wallet ( not in an expensive way) since I, MYSELF EXPERIENCED THE THING YOU’RE EXPERIENCING NOW! Believe me it’s true!

    I think I’m in my teenage years (15 yrs old) when I started to do this regimen. I’m born and grew up as a fat kid with a measure of 37 (at most)! Well heres what I did:

    I bought a slimming tea named Kankunis that can be bought in any drugstore. It’s usually packed in a sachet. I used to tear it up and pour all the grains inside the (single) pouch and drink it up in a hot cup of water since I believe that by drinking the grain as well makes it more effective to kill the fat. I drink it every night but the side effect is that it’ll make you go to the CR (it’s like having an LBM) early in the morning. But dont be afraid, the smooth and greasy manure that’s coming out is actually the fat that’s being slaughtered, so better to do this in vacation!

    I also used a clothe fat-trimming belt (like what aerobics fanatics use) for my big bulging stomach, regular balanced diet (actually I still ate meats that time so eating meats arent really bad at all) and everyday exercise–or sports if you like– in combination with the slimming tea (We have a small basketball ring in our backyard where I do my exercise). And I tell you, after just weeks of doing those, I eventually had an amazing measure of 28! That’s true!

    So that’s the wrap my friend, I hope you learned something from me. Just like what I said, just believe in me!

  8. JimmyQ writes:

    You have to come up with some type of a reward system, this will help keep you motivated. One of the best things to do is make a contingency contract. Stating what you want to do, who will help you do it, and what do you get for doing it.

    Then also try to find a well balance diet program. My friend did this one diet program where the average weight lose is 7 pounds in 9 days. It might be the thing you are looking for, I know it’s well balanced. If you want e-mail me and I can tell you more about either of these.

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