Q&A: Is this exercise DVD any good?

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Question by Abbster: Is this exercise DVD any good?
I have recently bought Hannah Waterman’s exercise DVD.
I was wondering if any of you are getting any benifits from it.
Has anyone lost any weight
and can you do the whole workout

Best answer:

Answer by Idontreallyknowwhatimtalkingabut
Its no good

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One Response to “Q&A: Is this exercise DVD any good?”

  1. Ms Bre writes:

    First off, ignore the ignorant answer from alan and don’t take a supplement to empty our your insides. That is WRONG, just get some fiber in your diet and your body will take care of you. Ignore answers like that, as they are trying to make money off you.
    I have used the Hannah Waterman Body Blitz and it has some decent moves but you are not going to go from a size 16 to an 8 in 10 min a day. I hate it when companies selling fitness videos say things like that. She has done much more to lose that weight than just the exercises on the video. But it is a good starting point.

    I would suggest doing a workout video such as that along with a brisk 30 min walk or jog and eating healthy and you will be on your way to success. They best way to exercise and to get your body building muscle (which helps burn fat much faster than you can imagine) is by mixing it up. Do different exercises and keep learning new ones. If you can just go out and buy a bunch of dvds then your local library has them, you can learn moves from youtube, and there are literally hundreds of websites that have FREE videos to show you how to do moves from bands, weights, cardio to martial arts and pilates all from your home.

    Good luck in your journey and I hope you get the results you want, just remember the main thing to any weight loss journey is what you put in your mouth, eat healthy and you will be taking the biggest and hardest step.


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