Q&A: I’m very thin, but have cellulite, what can I do to reduce the appearance?

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Question by bettiebee41: I’m very thin, but have cellulite, what can I do to reduce the appearance?
I do not need to lose weight, so no weight loss tips please.

I am very thin, but my arms and thighs have cellulite.

I know that cellulite never completely goes away, but are there any exercise / diet suggestions on how to reduce the appearance?

Best answer:

Answer by Olivia J
Building muscle under the cellulite can often reduce the appearance. Just do some gentle weight lifting to tone up.

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One Response to “Q&A: I’m very thin, but have cellulite, what can I do to reduce the appearance?”

  1. cLoriN writes:

    Step 1
    To reduce cellulite, drink water. Aim for a least 2 liters a day. This will help to flush out toxins and help your body regulate better, reducing cellulite.

    Step 2
    Exercise to reduce cellulite. Even a little bit of exercise everyday will help, but try and work in some vigorous exercise for better results. Losing weight can help reduce cellulite.

    Step 3
    Make changes in your diet to reduce cellulite. A cellulite diet consists of reducing fat, sugar and calorie intake and focusing on foods that contain anti cellulite ingredients, packed with anti-oxidant power such as:
    *Bran and Oat Cereal are an excellent source of energy, high in fiber and antioxidants.
    *Citrus Fruits
    *Oily Fish:Salmon, sardines, tuna, trout, herrings, mackerel and bass
    Include as much of these types of food into a balanced diet to reduce cellulite.
    As part of your anti-cellulite diet, eat more protein and fiber. protein helps to firm up muscles that can keep fat stores in place and reduce the dimpled effect of cellulite.
    Eat approximately .6 gram per pound of lean body mass if you are a moderately active person, and 1 gram per pound of lean body mass if you are very active. Opt for lean protein in fish, especially salmon because fish provides a high dose of essential fatty acids.

    Step 4
    Help get rid of cellulite by taking your vitamins. Add the following vitamins to your diet to help lose cellulite:
    Calcium : To reduce body fat
    Gamma linoleic acid: Helps burn more calories
    Potassium : Helps combat fluid retention
    Iodine: Helps stimulate a slow metabolism
    Lycopene: A vital antioxidant
    Magnesium: Helps fight stress and is associated with weight management
    Selenium: Improves the action of vitamins C & E and beta carotene
    Sulphur : Reduces free-radical damage
    Vitamin B6: Excellent fluid fighter
    Vitamin C: Powerful detoxifier and helps strengthen skin
    Vitamin E: Improves circulation and is essential for healthy skin
    Essential Fatty Acids. Take a fish oil or flaxseed supplement which can improve skin texture and tone within 2 months of use.

    Step 5
    Supplement you cellulite diet with antioxidants that can help you reduce cellulite. The best antioxidants for fighting cellulite include: juniper berries, peppermint tea, grape seed bioflavonoids, co-enzyme Q-10, black pepper extract, white pepper, cinnamon root extract, onion, cloves, garlic and ginger.
    Green Tea is also a great antioxidant that has been shown to increase the rate your body burns calories and can help you lose cellulite.

    Step 6
    Get professional help. See an Endermologist. The FDA has approved Endermologie as an effective solution for temporary reduction of cellulite. You start with 14-18 treatments 1-2 times weekly, with monthly visits for maintenance. Endermologie involves a massage machine with 2 rollers and some gentle suction action. Another option is to get a weekly massage and have them put extra focus on your problem areas.

    Step 7
    Try body brushing to reduce cellulite. Buy a bristle body brush and use it everyday before you shower. Begin at your feet and make deep, long strokes towards your heart, with extra focus on the problem areas. This exfoliates and improves circulation, which helps with the appearance of cellulite.

    Step 8
    Above all, embrace and love the body you have. Take care of it the best you can and don’t worry if you have a few dimples on your butt. Women are much more aware of cellulite than guys. A lot of men don’t even know what cellulite is. Some guys even think that they are just cute dimples -God bless them!

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