Q&A: I need help with losing weight, diet, exercise etc?

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Question by Gabby C.: I need help with losing weight, diet, exercise etc?
I’m 5’5 and around 125. I really wanna get down to 118 (before you say this is almost underweight, I know this, but I look a lot better at this weight than at my current). I know you can’t target weight loss, but I wanna be able to have thinner thighs, arms, and a flat stomach.

As of right now I only drink 0 calorie drinks (water and green tea) and one glass of milk usually. For food, I am on a calorie limit of 1,010 according to my iPhone weight loss app, Lose It. I only eat chicken for meat, and no snacks throughout the day. I’ll have vegetables and fruits for sides, and nuts such as almonds. I also will occasionally eat pasta, and eggs. I am sticking to portion sizes as well. I don’t eat any junk.

As for working out: I got a concussion recently and I’m just now getting back into “normal” life, so I can only exercise so much. But, I plan on running every day (going to try to run a mile every day, but I’ll start off with half a mile) and using weights for my arms to try and tone them. I also think I am going to start (trying to do) 10 pushups a day, and then eventually get that number to 20 or 30. I also am going to do 50 crunches a day, to tone my stomach for when I lose the weight.

How does this sound? Am I on a good track?
1. The milk I drink is skim.
2. I’ve actually gotten 2 very severe concussions in the last year, so my second concussion (the one I’m dealing with now) is much worse than it should be. I visit a physical therapist- YES, FOR CONCUSSIONS- once a week. In that day I use the stationary bicycle for about 15 minutes, I stretch. etc.

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One Response to “Q&A: I need help with losing weight, diet, exercise etc?”

  1. Chocolate writes:

    To letting you know… Strength is the new skinny. If you look up fitspo and thinspo, the difference is one looks healthy and lean with abs and the other one is like a twig. Studies have shown more men are attracted to the fitspo than thinspo.
    First things first…..

    How to look good in the gym:
    When i first worked out at a larger weight I wore nike shorts with leggings underneath, a good pair of trainers and a Nike crop top under a baggy sleeveless top. Now I’m lighter I’m confident enough to wear just my crop top and Nike shorts. NIKE is the way forward – purchase a Nike crop top, they’re so sexy.

    Tip: 1lb of fat is 3,500 cals. If you eat how you’re eating (clean food) and exorcise off 500 cals a day whether that’s biking or a fitness trainer, you’ll loose a pound a week. That may seem a little, but trust me, I worked out too hard too quickly and actually got stretch marks from where my body couldn’t keep up with the weight loss. Your choices are.. Lose weight gradually = stunning body a few months later or lose weight quickly = have a stunning body riddled with stretch marks a few weeks later. I would maybe advice 6 meals a day, of smaller meals.

    Breakfast = half a cup of natural greek yogurt and half a cup of fruit. 2 hours later, have 6 almonds. 2 hours later have a chicken salad Lunch. 2 hours later have a protein shake. 2 hours later have a small dinner. 2 hours later have a small treat like a flavored yoghurt. Saves you snacking, even if the things you snack are healthy.

    Cardio: work on a fitness trainer (I have one in my home. If you don’t, sign up for gym), biking, and running.

    Muscle: SQUAT. Do you want a nice bum? Then you need to squat. You develop thigh muscles, but they are SEXY. Look at beyonce. Look at shakira. Look at Kim kardashian. Now look at Lindsay Lohan. CURVES ARE SEXY! I recommend weight lifting too. GIRLS, you will NOT become a body builder by lifting small weights. You will look like a goddess with strong defined arms and shoulders. The only way you’d become a body builder is if you took steroids, or weight lifted crazy amounts like 12 stone weights.

    If you want more tips please don’t hesitate to email me… I’ll leave my email in the source box. I am a 16 year old girl, so don’t be shy. My twitter: @jasiglesias.

    Let me help you create a rocking bod!

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