Q&A: How to lose weight when disabled?

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Question by : How to lose weight when disabled?
Firstly, some of you may have the strong urge to make comments like “jog, hike, work out more, get a gym membership, etc.” Please, resist that urge.

I can’t jog or run anymore because of arthritis and my weight. Arthritic joints + overweight = bad days. So, until I lose weight, that isn’t an option. I used to in HS all the time, loved it, but can’t do it right now.

I used to hike all the time, up mountains and miles without a problem. I will hike a few miles when I am able now, but that isn’t common. I want to do this again, but I can’t yet.

It is difficult to get a gym membership or personal trainer when you cannot work and your state has decided that while you are physically unable to work, you’re just too darn intelligent to be disabled.

Now that that is out of the way, what methods of losing weight do you have? I don’t count every single calorie, but I don’t eat really unhealthily. It is unusual for me to have more than one visit, if that, to a fast food place in a month because usually I’m able to prepare my own foods. Even then I try to avoid particularly fattening choices.

I’m interested in ALL, even drastic options. I understand that some weight loss methods can have unwanted, potentially dangerous effects. However, so can prolonged obesity and carrying around so much extra weight. I’m trying to pick the lesser of two evils here and would rather contend with some problems as a person 20 or 30 pounds lighter and able to do more than someone bigger and slower moving.

My family is prone to diabetes and severe effects of arthritis. As a once active person, none of this is something I’m prepared to continue living with through 2012. So, if you have any advice, I’m really interested in hearing it.

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Answer by Ali
Count your calories and make a food journal or get the free MyFitnessPal app as an electronic food journal.
Or you could try going on the Atkins diet

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2 Responses to “Q&A: How to lose weight when disabled?”

  1. Kitty writes:

    Well start walking and then cut out meat altogether. You might want to watch a little documentary called forks over knives. It’s not a pro-vegan video. It is a medical documentary on the health effects that animal products have on the body. Personally I still eat some meat and animal product but if you have a ton of weight to lose and arthritis I suggest you cut it out altogether.

    The actual site.

    The trailer.

  2. Jeremy writes:

    Hmm I’m not an expert, but someone who is in school for physical therapy, so here’s my best advice. You may have heard of isometric exercise, in which the joints don’t move so there is little pain and stress, though the muscles must contract and so are stimulated. This is performed by applying force against an immovable resistance for a given time.Usually people with arthritis have certain joints which are more deteriorated the most and have the most pain, so you can work your healthiest joints first to increase muscle health. There are also low impact exercises for you such as eliptical if you haven’t tried that yet. You don’t mention if you are on medications for your arthritis such as prednisone? Some of these medications have an effect on weight gain and retention, so you could talk to your doctor about alternatives. Also you can talk to him about appetite suppression drugs which could aid you in weight loss. A simple diet may also be of great aid to you, swapping one meal per day with a fruit or vegetable snack could greatly reduce your calorie intake and increase your fiber intake allowing for optimal digestive health. There are also cortisone shots into joints for sufferers of arthritis which have shown success in some individuals though some don’t seem to respond to them. Arthritis is a critical and seriously debilitating disease and there is currently no way to regenerate the cartilage (meniscus, disc, connective tissue) within joints that works for everyone though research is getting there, so stick with it and stay strong!

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