Q&A: How much weight will i lose if i eat a low carb and high protein diet?

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Question by Jade: How much weight will i lose if i eat a low carb and high protein diet?
I’m 19 years old, female, and I’m sitting at 62kgs, looking chubby as ever. I normally weight around 58-59 kgs, and even around then my diet was terrible and i did no exercise – I have the largest appetite and quite a fast metabolism, however eat a lot of junk, probably 1800+ calories a day. As an example I’d probably eat a massive footlong subway with extra cheese etc, eat bread, pasta and pizza all the time, bacon, ham, lots of cheese and milk.

I have just put on weight after being overseas for a while, drinking, lots of eating, no exercise etc.

Anyway, I’ve been following a relatively low carb diet plan, focusing more on eating protein and vegetables. Absolutely no refined carbohydrates and dairy. Generally, my daily meal plan is like this, usually ranging around 1200 calories a day:

Breakfast: 100% Rolled oats made with water, topped with whole banana and handful of mixed berries

Snack: Mandarin or a banana or a handful of almonds

Lunch: Tuna with banana and almonds or a grilled skinless chicken salad (no dressing, bread or cheese)

Snack: Fruit, or maybe 1 rice thin.

Dinner: Usually steamed greens such as brocolli, beans, carrot etc with grilled skinless chicken and lemon

Sometimes desert: Sometimes a teaspoon full of nutella, a banana or another fruit, or a 50 calorie dairy/gluten free chocolate bar

Drinking only water and coke zero (bad habit haha)

I’m also exercising about 3-4 times a week, mainly cardio, but not too high intensity right now as I’m pretty unfit and don’t have access to a gym for weights as of yet. Whenever I’m hungry as well, i generally just eat fruit or almonds etc. Nothing refined.

I have been around 55kg before (even when i wasn’t exercises and generally eating whatever i want) which is when i’m looking relatively slim, so right now I’m wanting to get around there, and possibly after maybe down to 53 or 52.

Could somebody please tell me how long it will take for me to start losing weight, or point out how much i can expect to lose on this plan?

Thanks so much.

Best answer:

Answer by Jeff
you can lose alot of weight
but if its maintable or not..
Carb’s however, aren’t the enemy – bad, processed carbs and processed foods in general are the problem. If you eat whole foods (potatoes and fruit included), you’ll lose weight. Your body’s endocrine system (hormones) will regulate appetite once your healthy.

That being said, if you stop eating carbohydrates the key is NOT just increasing protein. There’s nothing wrong with eating high protein, but it’s just not sustainable. It’s really tough to eat a lot of protein. The key is eating more protein AND a lot of healthy fat:
– Full fat Greek yogurt
– Full fat coconut milk
– Raw, whole milk
– butter from grass fed cows (Kerrygold brand)
– unrefined coconut oil
– animal fats from grass fed beef or at least organic raised animals (not that CAFO crap you find in regular grocery stores)
– avocado, olive oil and macadamia nuts

When you cut carbohydrates, you have to get your calories from either protein or fat

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