Q&A: How do i get enough calories on a raw vegan diet?

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Question by Charming Sociopath: How do i get enough calories on a raw vegan diet?
you need an estimated of 2,000 calories a day. how would i get that on a raw vegan diet? i’m already skinny so weight loss is not the goal. any tips/advice

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Answer by Stella
Nuts are great for getting lots of calories in a small amount. A 1/4 cup of nuts has about 200 calories. I suggest eating 1/4 with breakfast and 1/4 later on in the day.
Fruits also have more calories than most vegetables. Try to eat the heavier fruits like bananas, avacados, etc. Of course, still eat lighter fruits like oranges and apples, these too have a goood calorie content.
Just eat enough to the point of being full but not too full to have a cup of tea (something to help you know when your comfortably full) If your body wants 3 bowls of salad before being full, listen. if it feels full after one bowl, stop. Youre body knows best, as long as you eat throughout the day when you feel hungry, you should be okay.

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4 Responses to “Q&A: How do i get enough calories on a raw vegan diet?”

  1. Alice writes:

    Fruit juice, nuts, oil, bananas and dried fruit are raw foods with a pretty high amount of calories. It’s best if you’ll combine food that is rich in carbs with food that is rich in fat, in order to get a balanced diet. For example, you could eat nuts and dried fruit together so you get the fat from the nuts and the carbs from the driet fruit.

  2. Katie writes:

    nuts are probably a good way to get some calories in. Nuts are rich in fats and proteins, and are a high-calorie food.

  3. mr. scorpio writes:

    I need about 2000-2200 calories a day to stay at the same weight…
    You not only get the calories from what you eat, but also from what you drink.
    for an example, here’s what I ate yesterday:
    vegetable salad:
    1 cucumber (45 calories)
    1 celery stalk (6 calories)
    1 whole carrot (30 calories)
    Banana/spinach breakfast milkshake:
    2 bananas (242 calories)
    1 cup of spinach (7 calories)
    2 cups of Rice milk (440 calories)
    total breakfast calories: 770

    Fruit salad:
    2 oranges (124 calories)
    2 cut up apples (154 calories)
    1 mango (135 calories)
    2 clementines (70 calories)
    1 pear (51 calories)
    Ginseng herbal tea (150 calories)
    total lunch calories: 648 calories

    1 cup oatmeal mixed with walnuts/almonds(489 calories)
    16oz. water (0 calories)
    total dinner calories: 489

    snack: 2 kiwis (112 calories)

    total calories for the day:
    2019 calories

  4. baranraw writes:

    Get it from fresh fruit. Don’t eat dried fruits. Buy fruits by the case. Check out this place 30bananasaday.com

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