Q&A: do ”metabolism booster” pills really work?

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metabolism booster
by mrcd@sbcglobal.net

Question by ROFL Dood XX: do ”metabolism booster” pills really work?

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Answer by i can’t hear you
no. but there are foods that are natural metabolism boosters. google them.

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One Response to “Q&A: do ”metabolism booster” pills really work?”

  1. Sam writes:

    im 16 years old right now… i weighed 210 pounds literally 4 months ago, 4 months on im 158 pounds… and im telling you that these metabolism pills do not work, my suggestion for you is to absolutely cut out the carbs, the first 3 days i ate omelets, pork chops, steaks, and sugar free cheesecake… by the 3rd day you should be completely unwanting of carbs… then just eat lean meats (chicken etc) have some veg… my suggestion is to bake the chicken in spices and herbs (no salt etc), spices and herbs are healthy and contain no extra stuff on the side… maybe even throw some on the veg. and dont stick to the same stuff or you will get bored, my diet for each day was different, (also eat more, less frequently, i did 5 meals a day none after 7pm)
    (each , indicates new meal) here is what my diet consisted of, as long as you eat only lean meats… have absolutely no carbs… but 100% whole wheat foods are ok (brown bread, brown rice, etc)

    Breakfast: fruit salad #1 (banana, apple, watermelon), fruit sald #2 (pineapple, orange, red and green grapes), omelet (egg, peppers, tomato, lean pork (lean meaning no fat), roasted pineapple (grab a pineapple, remove the skin. and if you have a bbq cook it over that, if not slice it up and cook it in a non stick pan without butters and oils), dried fruits (pineapple, peaches, oranges etc), cereal (just make sure it isnt overloaded with sugars) with fruit

    Lunch: Chicken salad (baked/grilled chicken, with lettuce leaves, diced tomato, add whatever veggies ya want), 100% whole wheat bread… toasted with sliced pork/chicken/lean beef + any veggies ya want, (just a sandwich, healthy but tasty… no salts/dressings allowed) garlic chicken/pork/lean beef, just grab some crushed garlic and your favourite lean meat, throw in a pan with whatever veggies (if any) you want.. add a little bit of 100% citric juice (lemon, orange etc) and cook until the meat is cooked, tastes great.

    Dinner/Supper: baked chicken with herbs and spices, veggies can also come with these spices and herbs, char cooked pork ribs ( make sure you apply no sauce or salts to these, if you plan on having these soak them in a lemon/orange juice 1 day prior to cooking, in a zip baggy for extra flavour and mouthwatering healthy ribs),, roasted chicken/beef and vegetables simply get a chicken/beef, cover it with whatever juice/spices/herbs you want (stuff a few in the chickens butt for flavour) and roast it in an oven tray covered with tin foil, for the veggies do the same thing (layer an oven tray with tin foil, put the veggies (boiled before hand) on the tin foil, then reapply tin foil over the veggies and cook until they are darker colored) crazy sandwich: you get some lean pork meat and a lean steak (filet mignion works). you simply cut them into patties prior to cooking and put them in a pan with a little juice, cook until they are bloodless, stack em up in whole wheat bread with whatever you want (no dressings, salts, carbs)

    snacks (in between breakfast-lunch, lunch-dinner): piece of fruit, dried fruit, 100% granola bars.

    drinks: juice (one cup a day) water ( as much as you want) beer (one bottle/ two cans a week, no more) wine (1 glass a week) milk (one half glass per day). shakes and smoothies (100% fruit/veg are ok anytime of the day, otherwise 1 per week (ie shakes with dairy products added are a no go)

    and once per week i treated myself to something small with my meal, nothing hugely major just a little something that will keep you satisfied but not wanting to overthrow your diet: apple sauce with my ribs, a little grated cheddar on my sandwiches, tea spoon of brown sugar over roasted pineapple that kind of thing

    basically keep off the carbs, no potato products, no fast foods (unless its a subway sandiwch no dressings and salts).. also eat more often but eat less when you do so… if you eat one meal a day your body will think that it isnt being fed for a while and will not convert the food into energy, instead into fat. drink lots of water, have a large glass 30 minutes before every meal.. it will make you more full prior to eating. and never eat after 7pm, it wil stay in your chest all night long and convert to fat without sufficient movement. and finally dont kill yourself on the diet… if your still feeling hungry go for one of the healthy snacks.. dont binge on chips and cookies. if you feel that you are severely missing your normal foods (french fries, ice cream etcc) go for the healthier options of them, slice your own potatos and bake them in some spices… buy low fat 100% dairy ice cream. this diet along with some decent exercise can easily allow yu to drop the pounds… i lost 7 pounds in my first week on this diet.. good luck…. and also if you dont do this imma kill you for spending 1 hour typing this while hunting up my old diet sheet

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