Q&A: Dieting and weight loss questions…………..?

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Question by Wrangler: Dieting and weight loss questions…………..?
I am 19 y/o. 5ft. 2 inch. Female . I weight 141 pounds , my goal weight is 115-120 pounds. Is it healthy to have this type of meal:
1 apple of banana for breakfast, or a bowl of oatmeal
bowl of grapes, or an apple or banana for lunch
green beans and corn for dinner or a salad

in between meals a handful of peanuts once a day

is that a high enough calorie intake so that my body does not go into starvation mode?

I will also be walking and running, jumping rope, jumping jacks and light dumbbells while walking.

Also, Anyone have some more food that is healthy to eat ? I can not eat fish or shell fish.

I want to know if this is healthy and will it work. I want to tone and loose weight so I can feel better, look better and be healthier.

I would also appreciate any input of additional foods to add to my list of what I can eat.

thank you very much

Best answer:

Answer by Rebecca S
The healthy weight for your height is between 118-132, so 115 is going to be really hard for you. Aim a little lower and aim for about 1300-1500 calories a day.
You want to eat whole grains, fruits, veggies and meats in balance. Avoid starches like white pasta and bread. If you’re not eating enough protein and grains to fill you up you won’t make it, so this all fruit thing isn’t going to be successful unless you’re REALLY committed. Your body has to have enough fuel to run. Don’t be afraid to eat, just make sure you eat the right foods. If you try to lose the weight too fast it will be an uphill battle to keep it off.

A bowl of oatmeal is good WITH some fruit but bananas are full of sugar. Berries are better for weight loss. Get some whole wheat pasta and every General Mills cereal has a full serving of whole grains. Try substituting turkey for other meats, like in spaghetti for example. Yoplait fat free yogurt is an excellent source of protein and they’re great. Eat lots of dark, leafy greens like spinach, which is like -1 calories a leaf. You can get fat free chicken from the store. Drink water all day long and avoid any alcohol because its nothing but empty calories.
Watching calories is most important, low saturated fat is second most important, then low cholesterol and sodium.
A good rule of thumb is that when you go to the store, everything you need is on the perimeter.

If you have a google account, iGoogle has a calorie counter that isn’t always perfect but it can help you learn to track calories.

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3 Responses to “Q&A: Dieting and weight loss questions…………..?”

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  2. Jamie writes:

    Not enough.
    you should have more protein. the oatmeal is great for breakfast. Breakfast should be your biggest meal of the day and dinner should be the smallest.

    Exercising with this diet will be hard, your likely to faint and/or binge. the foods you listed are mostly water. Swimming would be a GREAT exercise for toning. and its easy on the joints and it doesnt require much work. however, it does sometimes make you hungry, most workouts do. improve your breakfast, and dont over work yourself. DRINK LOTS OF WATER!

  3. Katie Fuller writes:

    No thts defiantly not enough food especially if u plan to exercise a lot too, ur body will store the fat for protection everytime you eat, to lose weight healthly you need to eat enough cals a day that your body needs, you can find this out through a simple google search. I tend to use the website about.com….. Once you no what your daily calorie allowance is you must stick to it if your are exercising daily or minus 250 cals from ur allowance for every 1/2 lb per week you want to lose. I suggest you invest in a good calorie/exercise book I prefer the biggest loser range myself 🙂 good luck to you. Oh and for an example here’s my daily food: porridge with a banana, OJ. Cereal bar mid morning, soup with pasta for lunch, fruit for afternoon snack steamed veg with some sort of lean meat or a low cal readymeal with plenty of veg hope this helps 🙂
    Oh and its very important to drink plenty of water throughout the day too 🙂

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