Q&A: Diet plan for weight loss?

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Question by : Diet plan for weight loss?
Is there a place online i can get a diet plan for me to lose weight. I need to lose 70 pounds but I really don’t know what foods to eat. I understand fruits vegetables and all that healthy food. What I am looking for is a place I can get recipes for healthy food and a diet plan with a weekly grocery list. I don’t want to buy pre made meals.

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Answer by Ophira
Yes i found a really good online food diary where you can put all your foods (drag them) onto plates- its all visual and its www.makemyplate.co. It counts all the nutrition of the entire plate-fats/proteins/carbs/calories everything! You can also plan your meals ahead of time which has stopped me over eating and snacking all the time as well as people can comment on your plates and advise you on healthier alternatives. Hope that helps!!

There are also dieticians on there that you can follow who you can ask questions. They can look at your plates and advise you on better plates and lots of recipes etc. And its all free! 🙂

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4 Responses to “Q&A: Diet plan for weight loss?”

  1. Ryan writes:

    I was in the same situation you are in, I’ve lost 50 pounds in 5 months and all I had to do was eat certain foods, whole grains are great before bed never eat white bread or white rice before bed, those are fast carbs and if you don’t use the carbs your body stores it as fat. White bread is great in the morning before a morning walk. Walk in the morning to burn fat stores. Fruits are good but again they are carbs and carbs are only good if your gonna use them. Whole grains are great before bed because they digest slowly so there is less stored. Look put for sodium. Sodium makes you retain water therefore you are holding water weight. I have a very physical job and I walk a lot and I list 50 pounds in 5 months. Walk a lot. Whole grains are better than refined and eat protein buy a good chocolate protein powder to help build muscle and burn fat. Use protein shakes after a workout and not before bed. Probably in the morning after a walk would be best.

  2. Launa writes:

    just quickly as i am, jump,diets,run, and word hard, last find a good girl friend or boy friend

  3. Emma writes:

    Here are a bunch of Weight Watchers Recipes for those who are trying to lose some weight – Weight Watchers Recipes – http://www.gourmet-living.com/category.html?category=weight+watchers

  4. John writes:

    I recently went through a complete transformation going from 185pds, to 145pds. in just 3 months. I had found myself unhappy with all the weight I had put on with my un-healthy eating habits and busy lifestyle. I was raised in a home where food came from a box mostly, so it was incredibly hard for me to lose weight effectively. I did a lot of research to get started and found that replacing one meal a day with Shakeology began instantly helping me lose weight. 7 pds. in the first week to be exact. What I began to find in my research of my boxed foods was that a majority of the food I was eating was processed and full of chemicals. Shakeology is made from all natural ingredients and contains over 70 different super foods from across the globe that are designed to bring your body into balance, reduce cravings, provide hours of energy, and lose weight. I am living proof it works and I highly recommend taking a look at it if you are interested in kickstarting your journey.

    I also became much more active in my daily life. I started walking more, cycling, and found a fitness program I could do from home that took 45 minutes a day. I know its not a fun answer to hear, but it’s a simple truth that healthy eating and exercise (even minimal) on a daily basis helps your body operate like the machine it was designed to. There are many ways to bring daily exercise into your life, and I recommend choosing an activity that will not only increase your metabolism, but allows you to have some fun too!

    As far as an online program, there are plenty out there that would benefit you. As someone stated earlier there are online tools (like the one she mentioned, which unfortunately I have no familiarity with, but sounds like a good option), as well as systems you can purchase at your local health and nutrition centers. I recommend online tools because they tend to be updated over time and are generally much more interactive, providing you with the opportunity to network with others and find accountability. I can recommend one program personally. In my journey I found that Beachbody has an incredible online resource community to help anyone reach their nutrition and weight loss goals. You can sing up for a club membership and be provided with a daily meal planner based on your nutrition goals complete with recipes, shopping lists, and a community of other members to help adjust, modify, and enhance your diet plan. It also incorporates with Shakeology seamlessly. I personally recommend it. Here’s a link to more info: http://www.teambeachbody.com/en/signup?referringRepId=112269

    Lastly you might consider a wellness cleanse. I just completed the Ultimate Reset (a Beachbody program) and went from my floating weight of 161 to my final target weight of 145 in just 21 days. Oddly enough the weight loss was just a side bonus to what ended up being a complete body reset. I feel absolutely like a new person, clean and free of the toxins and excess that I always felt I carried with me. Years of up and down days of energy and fatigue have been eliminated and I wake up refreshed everyday. It has changed my life and I believe it can change other’s as well. Here is some info about it: http://howyoucanchange.tripleresource.com/product_ultimatereset.html

    I hope you find this information useful. I remind myself and others with this, but there are so many options these days to losing weight and getting healthy. Some are scams, and some are amazing, but in my journey I found that it all begins with you. Once you make the choice to change and commit to it, finding the programs that work best for you become mush easier as you will begin to experiment with what works and find a community somewhere to help you succeed! Many will note obviously that I am a Coach with Beachbody (which sometimes comes with much disdain and disapproval on the internet), and that’s just the way life is. Sure I’ve recommended the products I know have brought results, but I want to stress to you and others getting advice of any kind, that YOU must engage what works for YOU and then decide to achieve that goal. If by chance one of these programs intrigues you and you would like more information or support then I am happy to offer assistance as a coach. My journey has given me a passion to help others do the same, and if you need support, please don’t hesitate to connect. Good days to all of you!

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