Q&A: As an ENTP I get very easily distracted and lose focus. Any tips to combat this?

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Question by Anon A: As an ENTP I get very easily distracted and lose focus. Any tips to combat this?
According to various tests, I’m a classic myers briggs ENTP, which is great in many ways, but I find it very hard to stay focussed on one thing and finish it – rather I get distracted by another idea and persue that.

I often feel I could achieve much more if only I could keep from being distracted and stay focused.

Does anyone have any advice on things I could try?

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Answer by Sacha R
If fairly suggestible, the following is reasonably priced, and reliable:
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The trick to finishing what you start is to undertake the task for reasons other than the excitement it carries. And to actively avoid getting ‘paid early’. That is, gaining some sort of benefit such as attention or congratulations before the goal is complete.

Henry Ford, Louise Pasteur, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and in fact anyone whose ever achieved anything could have got bored, given up too soon but they knew how to keep at something doing it and doing it because their goals were non-negotiable in their own minds. Self discipline allowed them to keep their promises to themselves.

After all, if you are creative enough with your procrastination you’ll always come up with what seems like a good reason not to do something.

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