Q&A: 13year old girl serious about dieting & boosting metabolism, I need a good diet plan?

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Question by ♥ brandy: 13year old girl serious about dieting & boosting metabolism, I need a good diet plan?
im a 13 year old girl, 5’1 and 90 lbs. YES i am very aware i am not overweight. that’s because i went on a crash diet for about 6 months. but now my metabolism is slow and messed up. i really need help boosting it with out the extreme weight gain. so if anyone will be nice enough to give me info and write me a good schedule for eating that would be fantastic! 🙂 this is what im eating now, i dont know if its good though…

6:00am-Breakfast: big bowl of honey nut cheerios(330) with 1 cup of skim milk(90k) and a light&fit yogurt(60k)
9:00am-Snack: 90 calorie chewy quaker bar
12:30pm-Lunch: fiber1 yogurt(50k), apple slices(30k), 1/2 cup of blueberries(40k), juice box(100k)
3:00pm-big bowl of honey nut cheerios(220) with 1/2 of skim milk(50k)
5:30pm-Dinner: mini can of tuna(no mayo)(80k) with steamed veggies; broccoli, collie flower, and carrots(45k)
Total: 1,190 calories.

is that enough?
am i eating healthy?
what should i change?

EXERCISE: i dont really have time for exercise. the only exercise im doing is walking up and down stairs in school and walking from class to class. but i do own a stair master…if i have time at least 4 times a week to use it ill use it for 5 minutes then do 200 jumping jax, 15 push ups and 40 crunches. is that enough exercise?

any other tips would be great!!

Best answer:

Answer by John W
Thats your problem- You dont exercise- Your taking in, but not working it off. Walking up stairs we all do that- thats not exercise. If your serious about loosing weight- The only way you can absolutely do it is if you exercise.

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2 Responses to “Q&A: 13year old girl serious about dieting & boosting metabolism, I need a good diet plan?”

  1. Jess writes:

    you might want to eat a little more because that isn’t that much maybe like 300 more cals or something!

  2. juicy:) writes:

    well, firt off that is a very good weight! i mean if your that shortish you are a cute weight!
    secondly: more muscle it will help you have a faster matabolism
    heres my schedule it works!:
    excersize(2-4hours daily)
    50-100 crunches
    20-50 situps
    200 jumping jacks
    get a hobby like cheer, dance(extreme), or gymnastics works!
    if you would rather attend those classes, do like me and just practice them for fun, at home
    100-200 squats
    running boosts it up!

    now eating:
    your eating is good enough protein, good calories, and it is healthy!
    congradulations!!!! i wish you luck!!!

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