Protein Powder For Weight Loss: 3 Reasons Why You Might (Or Might Not) Need Protein Powder

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25 Responses to “Protein Powder For Weight Loss: 3 Reasons Why You Might (Or Might Not) Need Protein Powder”

  1. totalboy10 writes:

    Hello there, have you come across “BellyFatTack” yet? Simply copy ‘n’ paste to the browser to visit this web page… There you can find an important free video by an established certified health practitioner revealing how you can lose weight. It helped Bianca to reduce her belly fat. Why not give this a shot. I hope it will help you as well…

  2. Evette Eickelmann writes:

    Thank you for posting this video and for giving us a couple smoothie recipes. I’m overwhelmed with all of the marketing hype on yogurt. What brand of nonfat Greek yogurt did you recommend?

  3. Eduan Hattingh writes:

    Hi, I just want to say thanks for the great advice, you made a difference in life in terms of nutrition and eating the right food at the right time. I know this is a bit off topic, but what is your opinion of supplementing with a good quality creatine? I’ve been using it for a while now and would to hear your opinion about it?

  4. getleanin12 writes:

    Nope. Just telling you about it so you can make your own informed decision.

  5. getleanin12 writes:

    They are typically filled with sugars and salt and unnecessary calories. Forget the sports drink and grab a glass of water, you’ll be a healthier person for it ~GL12

  6. getleanin12 writes:

    T-shirt courtesy of Shaun’s buddy Joel @ biotrust.

  7. getleanin12 writes:

    If you watched the video, you would see that he doesn’t normally recommend using a protein shake. They aren’t always necessary as part of any plan. If you’re eating right, you probably don’t need them. It’s for convenience and Biotrust is the best tasting protein shake out there. You guys don’t have to listen. But you might be missing out =) ~Gl12

  8. Phill Bernier writes:

    Hahaha, not pushing?! I have no issue with people making money through promotion but please, don’t insult our intelligence. This is clearly an ad. I love your vids, thank you for all the great information but please – just be honest with us. We can take it 🙂

  9. skog13 writes:

    lol “not here to push it on you”

  10. Foster Lou writes:
    I love biotrust and all your articles.Great information, thanks! Any suggestions on these sports drinks? My son plays hockey and I hate to see all those bottles of gatorade and like products.

  11. ryeguymac writes:

    I felt that the Leptiburn didn’t work for me either, I called/emailed for a full refund which I got in a timely manner. I feel that it may have been more on my end as far as not utilizing the Leptiburn to it’s full potential as in you can’t expect magic pills to shave off the weight, eat whatever you want whenever you want and not exercise. I do like their Protein as I have had very bad allergic reaction to pretty much every protein powder even the one from Prograde.

  12. zervan zervan writes:

    your wearing the t-shirt of the product your pushing, thats a little much dont you think

  13. getleanin12 writes:

    Sorry you feel cheated bro… You have to call/write support as they do offer a guarantee. Been a long time customer and I recommend their brand for quality for sure. Personally, if they are offering a sale or discount – that’s a GOOD thing… Does it really matter the reason its on sale?

  14. all4weightloss30 writes:

    Hello getleanin12

    Can I ask a favor? I really enjoyed your video Protein Powder For Weight Loss
    It was really informative. I wanted to find out if it was okay to repost your videos to my channel? All credit for the videos will still remain yours, and I will not edit the original video, unless you give me permission to do so. I can even keep the links in the video, as this will give you additional exposure. If this is acceptable to you, please let me know.


  15. Jason D writes:

    I was about to listen to your video until i saw that t shirt of urs endoring BIO Trust..I purchased 4 bottles of leptiburn what a scam. It Does not work…And here you are endorsing a shitty companies Tshirt..I keep getting emails from the owner Josh too that goes, its my baby girls bday so you can get a bottle for 30 % off, oh its christmas and i am offering a 50 % discount, oh its my grandmas wedding i am offering a 80% discount..what a scam BIO TRUST IS ..had to vent out cos i feel cheated

  16. getleanin12 writes:

    Awesome! Thanks Tony! 

  17. Tony Arvidsson writes:

    In my view americans seem to believe everything they hear and go for it 100% without even consider if what the “doctor” says is making sense, or look for facts in real science reports.
    Having that said, i think your videos are really good and is many times backed up by science AND experience. And you motivate why think the way you think.
    Keep up the good work.

  18. Dean Barrett writes:

    Great advice thanks may use it as you suggested to kill cravings

  19. ducalux writes:

    If people actually knew how easy it is to build muscle there would be no supplement companies left and and there would be no gyms, i have done some intense research and found out it alot easier than what people make you believe i do no cardio and i train for a maximum of 20 minutes in one day even as low as 1 or 2 minutes, three times a week and i eat what i want basically within reason ofcourse and i have never gained this much lean muscle before and my core is better than ever..

  20. Nestor Pavia writes:

    no lie ! Bro you talking alot of shit man 🙂

  21. getleanin12 writes:

    You’re welcome!

  22. WeightLoss Pill writes:

    Thanks much for this.

  23. getleanin12 writes:

    Awesome. Glad to hear it!

  24. Axe Matax writes:

    This Video literally changed my LIFE! .. Call me Dramatic, BUT IT REALLY DID! .. 

  25. spearsg writes:

    He really knows his stuff; has studied extensively. Filled in a lot of gaps and missing info for me. Every video is a gem. Knowledge is good thing…

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