Persistent metabolism myths

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metabolism boosting
by turtlemom4bacon

Persistent metabolism myths


 Supplements can boost metabolism


Pills, powders and other magic potions…

A whole industry tries to manipulate people desperately seeking weight loss and capitalize on their agonizing efforts towards a leaner body.

Don’t fall easy prey to their greediness!
There is no scientific proof for their effectiveness. Actually some of them have been found dangerous, banned and withdrawn from the market.

If only their allegations and promises where true!

Alas, this is hardly so! If it was the problem of obesity would be solved and all of us would be sylphs

The hard truth is that there are no easy shortcuts for metabolism boosting!

Hard,olf fashioned work is needed! Heavy weight training and metabolic aerobic training help keep the metabolism elevated for many hours after the session.How many? This is a  direct function of the duration and intensity of the workout.Weight training helpw to develop metabolically active myscle tissue.



 Certain foods can speed up metabolism.


There are relevant rumors for foods as:

– grapefruits
– chili peppers with their capsaicin
– green tea with its catechins
– many spices
– various exotic berries
– apple cider vinegar etc.

There is no solid evidence to prove their effectiveness!Their contribution is minimal

Of course if you ate one pound of chili peppers, your metabolism would skyrocket from jumping up and down! Or if you drunk 5-10 cups of green tea, you might have a small temporary boost, but that’s all!

If you have to cross North Pole on foot, you will have first to work your endurance, your acclimatization to the polar temperatures etc. and only then you will be concerned about the type of your boots or the right brand for your anorak.

That means: First you have to address the fundamentals. If the fundamentals are arranged, then, and only then, you will take care of the minutiae – if there is extra time to spare of course!


 If you drink a lot of water, your metabolism will increase.


Not really so! You definitely need to drink the necessary amount of water, because water participates in all chemical procedures and reactions related to metabolism. If you are dehydrated, you will experience a small slow down of your metabolism.

Now, if you drink bigger quantities, for example more than the necessary 6-8 250ml glasses – which are normally OK for the average person – you will have no measurable change in your metabolic rate. The only distinguishable change will be the increased numbers of your visits to the toilet.


Aim to stay well hydrated. This will help your metabolism function well.
Aim for 25ml of water/Kg of weight.
There is no reason for meaningless exaggerations!

To your health!

Chris Strogilis

Civil engineer with postgraduate studies in MBA and Marketing.

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