Oxy Elite Pro Weight Loss Update

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This week my 21/2 week Oxy Elite Pro weight loss review. Oxyelite works to stimulate thyroid function in order to increase metabolism. The caffeine in this p…
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Member Kurt shares his success story with you. Call todayif you want to lose weight in Des Moines,get a free consultation 515 987 8100. www.leanbodybootcampd…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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“I had heard about this new supplement called LipoBlast Extreme Diet Pills from an online Weight Loss Support Group and because of the money back guarantee I decided to give it a try. I’ m glad I did because within 7 days I lost 8 pounds and 2.5 inches off my waist. And.. after 2 months I lost 34 pounds ! All I can say is I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to buy it” Melissa Rosero – Bakersfield, CA – melissa_rosero@yahoo.com

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50 Responses to “Oxy Elite Pro Weight Loss Update”

  1. DJBlkDiamondz writes:

    Awesome review. I saw this product a lot and never tried it. I used alot of
    other product and had little success. I tried acai berry, hoodia and
    raspberry keytones.

  2. tammymarykay1 writes:

    That’s the society in which we live, dig?

  3. dinesh viji writes:

    Hey guys, have you seen Avon Fat Furnace? (check on google) You will
    discover how to burn off your body fat.

  4. DJBlkDiamondz writes:

    for your motherfkn information i posted that comment 2 months ago. And i
    actually dont support taking diet pills, ive actually lost weight by
    dieting and exercise, how about you grow up and stop acting like you know

  5. Tiffany Davis writes:

    I tried this supplement last summer, it made me lose 20 lbs in as little as
    a month. I worked in a factory 5 days a week with 12 hour shifts, so i
    didn’t work out. Although, i considered my job a workout. After awhile the
    pills stop working and if you aren’t careful about your health the weight
    will come back. This supplement works wonders! People that judge you
    obviously don’t understand how hard it is for some people to lose weight
    for health reasons. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

  6. graffitimaniac writes:

    if you write this much people like me wont read it just a heads up 🙂

  7. graffitimaniac writes:

    notice how my comment was half a year ago, yeah you missed the mark for my
    caring zone now fuck off, when you’ve done that and fucked off go fuck off
    some more

  8. tammymarykay1 writes:

    God Bless you and I hope Jesus can help you with your anger problem. Happy
    holiday’s 🙂

  9. SweetCheeksz004 writes:

    Seriously leave her alone. Good for you that your loosing the weight do u
    boo boo 😉 -3 lol

  10. DJBlkDiamondz writes:

    Also what protein shakes do you drink?

  11. tammymarykay1 writes:

    I bet, so it really worked for you?

  12. Cizzan Shrestha writes:

    My family laughed when I told them I would burn fat with Amos Fat Loss, but
    then I showed them the results. Go google Amos Fat Loss to see their

  13. tammymarykay1 writes:

    ???????? WHAT????

  14. Shawana Jones writes:

    I just bought this today, I hope this works for me, I always have problems
    with the way I look.

  15. Laura Smith writes:

    when i take it i can run more than 4 miles in 30 minutes as opposed to 3.5
    in 30 minutes.

  16. tammymarykay1 writes:

    Yeah, like I said it’s the bomb. I’m currently on a fast. but about a month
    after my surgery I’m going to do another 6 weeks so I can lose some more
    weight. I got it at GNC. try it

  17. Tiffany Davis writes:

    I am active and i eat healthy. I have hypothyroidism which makes it near
    impossible for me to lose weight. I had to turn to medication for weight
    loss, even though i was not overweight per say . I only wanted to lose ten
    lbs or so. You shouldn’t judge people about how they lose weight when you
    don’t know the reason. Most are lazy though, i will give you that, I just
    don’t understand why you take time out of your day to try and bring people
    down over decisions they make about there own body?

  18. Igor Maslov writes:

    Good day! I’m Lauren.I did -40 lbs last 2 weeks.More here hddiet.gs#9vix

  19. graffitimaniac writes:


  20. J Han writes:

    1,3 dimeth raises 1 of ur eyebrows

  21. graffitimaniac writes:

    fuck you and your god, how does that feel

  22. tammymarykay1 writes:

    Oh yeah?

  23. tammymarykay1 writes:

    Wow, I going to try them again. I gained some weight back, but that because
    I stopped doing the right things

  24. tammymarykay1 writes:

    let me know how it worked out for you. I stopped taking them once I got to
    my desired weight, but Now I gained the weight back, I have to start all
    over again.

  25. tammymarykay1 writes:

    I will be posting more information regarding the experiences I encounter
    with Oxy Pro

  26. NarleyW56 writes:

    Everybody,this person is awesome at making videos!Sub Him!!!!!

  27. semtexfreak writes:

    I have subscribed, cool video

  28. 13abc100 writes:

    How come this video doesnt have more views?

  29. Truc227 writes:

    I think you deserve more views than this =)

  30. chungddevntel writes:

    i love this video!

  31. Giulia Julia writes:

    good jjos i will se your others videos

  32. carsonjohn72 writes:

    dang epic? is not enough to describe this

  33. qn1983 writes:

    Keep it up !!! <3 <3 <3

  34. kate spade writes:

    You are extremely talented in video making, I am so fascinated!

  35. themakc3 writes:

    Keep doing what your doing!

  36. AvenidaSanJose writes:


  37. Nguyễn Sỹ Hải writes:

    One of the best on youtube

  38. Evolutionary Mishap writes:

    WOW this is great stuff, definitely thumbs up!

  39. ytmmo03 writes:

    I gotta Subscribe to this!!!

  40. vodanhbokinhvan writes:

    what did you use?

  41. Easytoremember141 writes:

    that video is nice.

  42. LuckyKid343 writes:

    people who disliked this video? are douchebags. Great job

  43. monsterhmvq9 writes:

    this helped me out

  44. Shiva Dahal writes:

    Hello, have you heard about Madax Fat Blast? (Google it) You will find out
    how to lose pounds.

  45. BostonG56 writes:

    Excellent job on that video!

  46. Truong Nguyen writes:

    I like it! Thanks 4 the advice, i really appreciate it

  47. jaman008 writes:

    this vid is really good 🙂

  48. sarmasimic writes:

    Wow this is sick. MORE

  49. thanh cuong writes:

    This video is the reason i watch youtube!

  50. CNTTTuan writes:

    this is really cool!

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