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herbalremedies365.com Oolong Tea weight loss is a hot topic and sought after information in 2011. Yet the health benefits, Oolong Tea Facts and the properties that Oolong tea offer have been known for many centuries. Media hype and the desire for healthier lifestyle and more natural products have cast a huge search light on herbal teas. Unfortunately the product offers the ideal medium to feed the desperation of innocent people like you and me. Yes, false claims and bogus companies that sell sub-standard products and make false claims are in the order of the day. Oolong Tea health benefits are real and have been proven at various institutions and under controlled conditions The primary interest that Oolong Tea sparked is simply this: Studies Have Proven Oolong Tea Does Promote Weight Loss Oolong tea enhances the function of fat metabolism. Chinese Tea Burns Fat Faster! Oolong Tea Also Offers Numerous Health Benefits Effective in preventing Obesity Assists in Improving Prolong And Improve Vitality Reducing High Blood Pressure Strengthening Teeth Helps To Relieve Mental & Physical Stress Treat Skin Problems Such As Eczema Low In Caffeine and the caffeine levels are a fraction compared to coffee. The health benefits of oolong include both antibacterial and antiviral properties Beware of False Claims Beware of Bogus Companies Both green tea and oolong tea contain catechins, powerful antioxidant compounds which aid in fighting disease and aging Make Oolong Tea Part Of

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