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new diet books | deity topsoil | south beach diet before and after Hello, I’m Rachel Richardson. I’m a Licensed Nutritionist and a Registered Dietician with In this clip I’m going to show you how to cut sugar out from your diet and it’s actually very important that you at least reduce, if not cut out the sugar from your diet. There’s lots of wonderful ways to do it. But the reason that it’s important is because sugar contributes to all kinds of different health problems, diseases down the road. It comes from an accumulation of too much sugar over too many years; doesn’t come from one night of a delicious birthday cake or Thanksgiving meal. It comes from whole year through. But the problems that associate or come from eating too much sugar are going to be things like diabetes for sure, heart disease, even cancer through a certain degree ’cause of the free radical production from the, from the sugar; other hormonal issues, irregularities, breast cancers, things like that as well as fibromyalgia, pain inflammation in the body and many many other things. I happen to have a product that I find has been one of the best things for helping tastes you know, have your food taste good; still taste delicious and sweet but not contributing to any of those health problems. And what I use is this product here called Stevia. This is a special Stevia product, this one is free of all artificial ingredients; maltodextrine or any other things; so just pure Stevia. And Stevia Slimming Tea: Lose Weight Fast by Drinking Daily The tea available today has its roots in ancient China. Thousands of years ago, people in the east sipped and drank tea for the flavor and health benefits. The beverage has spread throughout the world and until the present, it is still being consumed for the same reason. Slimming tea, in particular, is taken by people of all ages because it is proven to help maintain fitness and lose unwanted fat and excess weight. Here is a brief overview. What is Slimming Tea? Slimming tea can actually be any of the five types of tea – green tea, white tea, black tea, oolong tea and pu-erh. These can come in different commercial names and brands and some companies might even claim that their product is the original or single type that can truly help you reach fitness and weight goals. The reality is, all teas come from the plant Camellia sinensis and will have the same effect on consumers, in different intensities and durations depending on the amounts of polyphenols and active ingredients. The Diet Teas Diet teas are advertised by commercial manufacturers to ignite metabolism and improve digestion. To effectively lose weight, the slimming tea has ingredients like rhubarb root, castor oil, senna, aloe and buckthorn which improve digestion and bowel movement. Constipation is prevented and absorption of nutrients and food, including fats and oils is lessened, thereby leading to weight and fat loss. Drinking too much of these can
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