New Mommies…Please Help I Need to Loose the Baby Weight !!!!?

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Question by Mother Of A 10 mon old Baby Girl: New Mommies…Please Help I Need to Loose the Baby Weight !!!!?
Hey New Mommies,

Okay heres the story .. I had a baby 3 months ago, and during my pregnancy I gained a whopping 60lbs… Before i got preggo i was a very happy size 7 and 135lbs. Now im size 11/12 and 170lbs.Since i had the baby i’ve only gotten down to 170 which was what i weighed in at the dr’s at my last appt on January 20th. It has now been two months and since have not lost 1lb, ughhh.. I grateful that my boby has changed due to a beautiful blessing of a babygirl. But my self esteem on my body is horrible. I;ve been eating right and trying to get a workout in as much as i can. But we all know how hard it is with a new baby. But i refuse to hide myself this summer. I want this to give me the most motivation to get in really good shape so at my next pregnancy i will be in much better shape and will know how to control my eating ..Ha Ha. I hate my clothes My taste in clothes has changed so much since i had the baby.. and my closet is full of junior clothes styles, and to go shopping and spend $ $ $ on clothes that might not fit in a month or so b/c of weight loss would be a waste. I want to shop when im happy with my body again. Any tips to help get my weight down.
I will say that i def losing inches and my waist is getting back to that hour glass shape which im happy about. Its my butt and thighs that need the TLC. 🙂 … I wouldnt mind so much a small waist and lil wider hips i just want to loose the FAT !!!.. and feel sexy again.

Please help girls… I know it was alot but im really in the dumps…

Best answer:

Answer by First Time Mommy of Klear
Go get yourself a front carrier, strap in the baby and start walking!! Its a great workout and my baby loves to ride around in it.

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3 Responses to “New Mommies…Please Help I Need to Loose the Baby Weight !!!!?”

  1. reds_1990 writes:

    squats & lunges 3 sets of ten work ur way up

  2. tjacbp writes:

    After my second child I felt like no matter what I did the weight was just not coming off. My mom had done Weight Watchers several years ago so she gave me all of her books and information. I followed WWs very faithfully for several months and lost more weight that I had expected, in actually a short amount of time. I also put my baby in his stroller and went for walks. I live near my mom so we would typically walk at night once the kids were in bed too. It was kind of my down time.

    But really, without doing WWs for a certain amount of time, I don’t think I would have lost the weight. ALso, if you choose to do that, then write down points, etc. to keep you on track.

    Good luck!

  3. josh'smummyandoneontheway writes:

    forza t5 slimming tablets are meant to be brilliant, im gonner get them after giving birth to number two as still havent lost the weight of my first child and getting really sick of being fat!

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