Natural Fat Loss: Green Tea Extract

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25 Responses to “Natural Fat Loss: Green Tea Extract”

  1. ZeroFear88 writes:

    @darkedgexxx Sugar does not turn into fat, extra calories do. ANY type of calorie will turn into fat/muscle when it exceeds the amount of calories you burn per day, sugar isn’t special.

  2. Demoras writes:

    @darkedgexxx Agreed. Heck, once I started cutting the sugar out of my diet I lost weight like crazy. Several years ago I stopped drinking soda and started drinking green tea too, great combo!

  3. ParanoiaA22 writes:

    LOL Not 8-12 only 3 cups douche!

  4. positiveKani writes:

    very good book!!!!!

  5. OrginalKork writes:

    @darkedgexxx It wont be fat if you don’t get over maintenance level.

  6. MJCINC writes:

    0:40 hahahahahaahahahahahahaahahahhaahaha

  7. svrvegasblackops writes:

    this diet works for men too right???? reply

  8. 90sStyle writes:

    how many pills should you take at once? i take 2…but it doesn’t seem to work.

  9. FatReleaseSystem writes:

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  10. truehealthyproducts writes:

    Love the video work nice keep them coming! When you have time come
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  11. TheHcgdietplan writes:

    Love the video work nice keep them coming! When you have time come
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  12. simplechocolatediet writes:

    Love the video work nice keep them coming! When you have time come
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  13. spurnkid writes:

    Lesson: “A Tea bag a day is good for your weight!” xD

  14. deenajuliette writes:

    Full Membership is totally FREE for women

  15. creolawurmmbj writes:

    Believe or not she is so beautiful and married ****

  16. meldagallefbg writes:

    My sister want to marry someone **

  17. farhanahmed1985 writes:

    I lost so much weight from Green Tea Damn it this natural thing is awesome Thanku God For giving Us this natural thing….

  18. Ndjixito writes:


    splenda = poison

  19. IDMWEIGHTSIDM writes:

    @DrTruth007 i 100% agree, good post.

  20. IDMWEIGHTSIDM writes:

    you shold not drink more that 10 cups of green tea a day…

  21. DrTruth007 writes:

    this is absolutely ridiculous. Taking in the equivalent of 15 cups of tea is NOT HEALTHY. People who believe this are very very stupid. Just drin a mug of fuckin tea in the mornig like the 1 billion NON-OBESE chinese do on the other side of the world and call it a day. Dont listen to this dumbass

  22. electricguitarplayr writes:

    @darkedgexxx You could add honey or splenda.

  23. Jsd8675 writes:

    @montsyblackmaddona bullshitttt you dont understand anything about egcg do you??

  24. wolo3000 writes:

    @SulthanaB226 make sure u dont leave the tea bag in there too long if ya do it’ll make the tea taste bitter… 30 secs should be enough

  25. DrDoomOhYeah writes:

    @puddinpop00  The brand I use is Keiko. They have a store locator on their website.

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