My Weight Loss Transformation, Insanity Results, P90X Results, My Insanity Results, My P90X Results

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50 Responses to “My Weight Loss Transformation, Insanity Results, P90X Results, My Insanity Results, My P90X Results”

  1. Jonah Prescott writes:
  2. thatonekansasguy writes:

    How tall are you?

  3. rahdus deuja writes:

    To average people who want to melt fat eventually, Just Google Fat Blast
    Furnace and get started.

  4. C Gose writes:

    First congrats on your accomplishments, and foremost well done on
    giving praise to our Lord and Savior for keeping you pushing and digging
    deep. I start Insanity tomorrow, oops its 0238 in the morning so I start it
    today…. Pray for me brother. 

  5. kyle edwards writes:

    In sper ation. Nice man. I lost most of my weight over summer now I need
    just the last bit. It hurts when people call me fat. 

  6. aladdinm111 writes:

    This motivates me to keep pushing when I do insanity you are the best and
    such an inspiration. 

  7. Isaac Rogers writes:

    Great job dude!! My starting weight was around yours (330lbs) after P90X I
    had lost around 60lbs then I started going to the gym a lot, and eating
    better, and now I’m down to 210lbs. I’m proud of every one of the 120lbs I
    have lost, and I’m gonna keep going.

  8. Ashley Butler writes:

    I’m inspired. I have insanity sitting in a corner in my room and I never
    use it. I want so badly to, but I’m so scared that I can’t do it.
    Especially with my schedule and having school, work, studying. It’ll be
    hard for me. But I so badly want to be healthy and have the body I’ve
    always wanted. You have amazing results and I pray that I get great results
    as well, even if it takes longer than expected.

  9. Buckhunter Jones writes:

    Man you are what inspires me to whip into shape. i am at 240 right now and
    want to get to 180, and what you have done is what is going to get me
    through this. thanks for the inspiration. 

  10. tj antill writes:

    Wow bro good for you I’m just starting my journey . Yours is inspiring. 

  11. nico inocalla writes:

    Man! You’re such an inspiration to everyone! Now I have more confidence to
    push my limits! God bless you!

  12. Dex Stephens writes:

    Congrats man…Way to stick with it

  13. PredatorMissileIsaiaH Gomez writes:

    what kind of diet if any?

  14. Jared Neaman writes:

    You look like a totally different person. You’re a great inspiration and
    it just goes to show that if you keep pushing yourself and you let the
    discouraging words of others help motivate you, then you can achieve your
    goals! Congrats dude!

  15. feder1983 writes:

    amazing!!!!!!!!true inspiration!!!!!

  16. ricklugo95 writes:

    How tall are you?

  17. Michael Roberge writes:

    This is an amazing transformation. This guy is an inspiration!

  18. ricklugo95 writes:

    How tall are you?

  19. Comrade writes:

    DAMN man that is hardcore!! High five! I went from 155 muscle kid benching
    250 to now being 205 and fat lol.. FML i need to dig deep but am lazy now :

  20. Armando Alvarado writes:

    wow congrats i am currently on my 2nd round of insanity …i am 4 ft tall
    and im on my bf youtube account…..i use to weight 122 and now i am 97
    pounds….. i am 19 years old and for my height i was overweight and i am
    very happy with my results and i knt believe u lost all that weight once
    again congrats

  21. tokyobrwn writes:

    Everyone’s trying to sell you stuff, LOL!!! Good job, kid. You’re an

  22. DAMIAN .K writes:

    hmmm what about your diet? Could you give me some informations about it?
    i’m really interested in your trasformatrion because i trying to lose my
    weight but … good diet it’s really needed so, i believe that you can help
    me ?: D

  23. Ncbasspuller writes:

    Awesome dude

  24. fRaJooK writes:

    Good job dude

  25. jay fleet writes:

    Pillar – Not Without A Fight

  26. Darryl Stones writes:

    Posting inspiration…

  27. Perla Uribe writes:

    Thank you..

  28. Skip Mi writes:

    he still has moobs……. eww

  29. Mehmet Fatih writes:

    This is very interesting. We’re putting on weight again later?

  30. Sumit Ghimire writes:

    My coworkers laughed when I told them I would burn calories with Exyph Fat
    Loss, but then I showed them the results. Go and google Exyph Fat Loss to
    see their reaction. (It was epic!)

  31. Gipsy Deba writes:

    Just stopped playing your XBox?

  32. Amanda blair writes:

    To all the people who had something negative to say, Do you ever think that
    people have enough negativity in their lives and maybe you should not
    contribute to it?

  33. Яхья Торшхоев writes:


  34. kadavat nehru writes:

    are you insane? let me guide you the best platform search panXCash

  35. Kat Bhomi writes:

    From the sudden weight loss to the unexpected binges, my life was acting
    like a yoyo, but after finding ExprezSliminizer i have finally made real
    progress by losing 20 lbs and actually keeping it off. Do try
    ExprezSliminizer if you really really really wanna lose weight and keep it

  36. Mario Orellana writes:

    Amazing bro, keep up the good work. I love that statement you mad. “I AM
    will power.” Inspirational.

  37. Angel Spasov writes:

    Nothing but respect for you man, nothing but respect! Keep it up I can only
    be glad that fitness changed your life. 

  38. cloggyoggy writes:

    Saggy man titties!!!!

  39. bob norris writes:

    them tities tho

  40. Emma Alexander writes:

    __ I really tried everything to loss some weight:exercises ,lots of diets
    , pills . It was SO frustrating to notice that I was still fat no matter
    what I was doing. I finally found .Weight loss green store tea.. after a
    long research. I tried , with some fear ,,,,, but I got really excited to
    notice ,after a short period of time , that I lost 16 pounds.. I was 174
    lbs. Thank …weightlossgreenstore — **- 

  41. Sandra Martin writes:

    Lost almost 100lbs going healthy vegan but got married and it messed me up
    a little now I’m back on and working it but it is harder exercising when ur

  42. Conor Reed writes:

    Now what do you do with that extra skin hanging off your body? I’m not
    trying to be offensive by the way.

  43. Jedi391 writes:

    GVAJax, don’t be a jerk.

  44. Shameema Bhyat writes:

    Wow!!!! Well done ànd Keep it up. All the best

  45. karan pkatarki writes:

    Nice transform but my problem is something else Ian skiny

  46. adonyas argaw writes:


  47. Hayden Chapple writes:

    nice tits

  48. Coach Bronek writes:

    Anyone can lose weight, it just takes a crazy amount of hard work,
    discipline and determination – Watch the video Very Inspirational weight
    Loss Video: The Man Who Lost 165 LBS of Body Fat In 1 Year! Before & After

  49. HDTheDutchGamer writes:

    How dit you did ? pls .. tell me

  50. EasyandHealthyBody writes:

    Great. Weight loss is Much easier than you think. I am fast shrinking
    woman.Visit my channel

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