My WalMart HCG Diet Drops Review Day 1 (Weight 261)

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Learn more about HCG – ——— I read all about the HCG Drops and wanted to give it a try. I got the Walmart brand and I will …
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19 Responses to “My WalMart HCG Diet Drops Review Day 1 (Weight 261)”

  1. Jaquilla Ricks writes:

    i really do look up to you i recently had a baby four months ago and im
    trying to lose 20-30 pounds and you really inspire me so thank you

  2. FeliceHCGdieter writes:

    I look forward to following your journey so p. i tried the walmart brand
    pro cybertrim and had great results so good luck to you!!ease keep us all

  3. Borys Solyanuk writes:

    Hey! I’m James.I did -30 lbs in 1 month.Go to

  4. Andriy Chuman writes:

    Seems interesting, but .I did -35 lbs in 7 days.More here JjymcAexxglJtUFb1

  5. Niña buena writes:

    Post more videos!

  6. missbellajazz writes:

    How many times a day do u take the drops threetimes or twice?? So confuse

  7. MERCEDES VEASY writes:

    hey girl im so happy u made this video cause i was about to purchase
    isagenix which is a whole lot more money so if i can keep my money in my
    pocket and only pay 20 im game lol how long does the drops last? i want to
    lose like 30-40 and if you lost 6 pds in one week im thinking 2 bottles.
    what was us meals like i mean how are u able to eat while taking this? also
    check out my channel im just starting myself

  8. Kautzmwb974 writes:

    If you are looking to melt fat, you should search google for Fat Blast
    Blueprint. That might help you get the body you deserve.

  9. igor Timchenko writes:

    Good day! I’m Austin.I did -40 lbs past one week.Open

  10. Hannumnjr344 writes:

    Have you seen Fat Blast Lifestyle? (check it out on google) It is a quick
    way to shed pounds fast.

  11. sosodeaf2008 writes:

    Y haven’t u post anything?

  12. esther rowe writes:

    Ok! I wanted to buy it but i was scared that it wont work so i decided that
    i’ll wait until someone post a video and i’ll follow there blog. You’re my
    motivator so dont disappoint me please! If you want me to make videoes with
    u when i buy it i’m willing at 229 pounds girl i want to lose 35 pounds all
    my life i’ve being 5’9 and at 185-190 but now i’m at 229 i weighed 236 a
    few weeks ago and i was like hell nooo! But i look forward to your video’s

  13. Lady Satin writes:

    Blessings, I started HGC 1234 a week and a half ago and I have eliminated
    17 pounds . Keep up the good work.

  14. rahikalhasan21 writes:

    Hello, have you heard about BellyFATtack ? Just google it. On there you can
    find a practical free video presentation by a successful doctor talking on
    the best way to burn weight. This made it possible for Madellane to lose
    her tummy fat. Perhaps it will work for you as well…

  15. Adita Leathlay writes:

    Drinking alcohol is most likely one of the worse things you can do, it will
    set you back for weeks based what proportion you consume Look at this blog
    for additional information:

  16. MsBestsunshine writes:

    How is you journey going? My prayers are for your success! Have you been
    able to write down all you put in your mouth to track your intake to keep
    to 500 calories per day? Choose salads, with fresh lemon juice or red or
    cider vinegar & spray on olive oil on top.Weigh everything write it down
    what you eat! Soon you will see what is low in calories,yet i fluffy on
    your plate like lettuce, mushrooms,radishes,celery,all the colorful
    yellow/red/green veggies can be sliced thin to add on your plate:D

  17. MyKoolaidSmile writes:

    Thank you lady’s for your support 🙂 I’m Happy to say that the 100%
    hormone – Free HCG from Walmart Really works its been a week so far and
    I’ve lost 6 pounds. I so glad that I’m not alone on my weight loss journey
    please Subscribe and continue to follow also check out my Blog at My Baby
    Phat dot Com. To Maddemduttygaldeh100 I would like to see your journey so
    if you do decide to start a Vlog please keep me posted.

  18. shabash5th writes:

    Hi there, have you heard about BellyFatTack yet? Simply copy-paste to the browser to check out their site… On there you
    will discover a useful free video presentation by a longtime licensed
    dietitian talking about how to reduce unwanted fat. It made it possible for
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    it works for you as well…

  19. LocalSEOPro1 writes:

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