MY Diet Plan For Weight Loss Or Muscle Building / Nutrition Tips / Brandon Carter

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Go to myFREE workout plan Build Muscle and Burn Fat FAST AS HELL! When you Download the FREE workout plan it will contain WORKOUT VIDEOS (that you can put on you iPod!) and the FREE fitness and nutrition ebook The Ultimate Fitness Manual I am giving away this extremely effective fat burning and muscle building nutrition program for a limited time!!! MY Diet Plan For Weight Loss Or Muscle Building / Nutrition Tips Every day I get asked “What do you eat?” and people have asked me everyday to make a video about it. You have to remember that what “I” eat may not be what YOU need to eat to reach YOUR goals because we may not be trying to accomplish the same things. If you’re trying to gain mass, you’re going to need more carbs. If you’re trying to lose fat, you’re going to need less carbs and less beer. Here is what a typical day of what MY diet and training looks like. You are going to have to make adjustments depending on what you’re are trying to accomplish. 6:00 am Workout (Weights and Cardio) on an empty stomach 7:00 am (immediately after workout) 6 WHOLE eggs and 1 “shit load” of potatoes Supplements: TEA REXX (energy / fat burner) 10:00 am 1 scoop of Whey Protein (whatever brand is cheapest), 1 Banana, Soy Milk 1:00 pm 1 “shit load” of Mixed Vegetables, 7 or 8 Chicken Wings (baked… not fried!!!!), 1-2 Beers (optional) Supplements: TEA REXX (energy / fat burner) 4:00 pm 1 scoop of Whey Protein (whatever brand is cheapest
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25 Responses to “MY Diet Plan For Weight Loss Or Muscle Building / Nutrition Tips / Brandon Carter”

  1. andrescaice writes:

    beer? really cool. I can’t believe it

  2. normalityist writes:

    thank you for sharing me that program at:
    i lost 45lbs and 7″ in my waist. Ive seen a huge
    difference after a week of using it. hehe.

  3. Inspiration525 writes:

    How much Soymilk R U usin’ bro ? (ml/g/cups) ?

  4. nirson123 writes:

    This is about
    Calories: 3,433
    Carbs: 238
    Fat: 138
    Protein: 220

    whats your height and weight brandon?

  5. thebestvideosuwillc writes:

    Any tips on a diet for building muscle but costing very little money? im trying to replace my fat with muscle.

  6. Inspiration525 writes:

    I guess it’s brand’s carb-source of choice…

  7. Inspiration525 writes:

    LoL 😀

  8. Jackreza80 writes:

    well i note all this rule and be my workout muscle building

  9. serenadingairwaver writes:

    okay 🙂

  10. HBK2476 writes:

    and I didn’t talk to you… so please!! GTFO too

  11. serenadingairwaver writes:

    let me guess, you are a lazyass fatty who is a potato couch that just sits around all day eating junk! GTFO

  12. FLAPHEAD100 writes:

    i want a physique like this gy 😀

  13. sid04sid writes:

    Soy milk????It increses estrogen and decreases Testosterone.

  14. superpkowner writes:

    how do you make your chicken wings? just bake them? or add any kind of sauce? please answer ASAP (:

  15. wickedomar19 writes:

    HELP PLEASE!!!:) Workout (Weights and Cardio) on an empty stomach is it better to do that for fat loss and to get ripped ? was told that your body goes into a cetabolic state and starts to burn your muscle ?

  16. HBK2476 writes:

    I can’t do that. because I am not wearing shirt write now 🙂

  17. lufc339 writes:

    ha shut up mate

  18. HBK2476 writes:

    don’t have respect of food? If u can’t find food then what will u do? If no one give u food then what will u do? saying food shit?

  19. HBK2476 writes:

    r u his girlfriend? :p

  20. HBK2476 writes:

    2 hours per day this is workout..? OK that’s fine :D I can’t stop laughing man. . .

  21. lufc339 writes:

    why are you insulting him? it makes no sense considering he is trying to help people, and that is the diet you need to do to look that good, plus it is just 3 standard meals a day with the protein shakes inbetween, do you starve yourself or something? Bellend.

  22. lennox150 writes:

    To hbk umm if u ready any health article, site anything they tell u to eat anywhere from 4 to 6 times a day it gets metabolism going 2 BURN fat. & shakes are because his workouts are very taxing on the body

  23. MrLightBlueEyes writes:


    give yourself some fun once in a while =D

  24. fantastik916 writes:

    “I am genetically predisposed to loving Chicken Wings due to my African-American heritage. If I am not eating them it can only mean that they are not available.” LMAO!

  25. Daski69 writes:

    How many calories does he consume daily? Has anyone made the effort to calculate?

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