MMA H.E.A.T. – Naked Kyle Kingsbury Talks To Karyn Bryant As He Cuts Weight For UFC 139

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MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant talks with light heavyweight Kyle Kingsbury as he cuts weight for his fight with Stephan Bonnar at UFC 139. Kyle is taking a hot …

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25 Responses to “MMA H.E.A.T. – Naked Kyle Kingsbury Talks To Karyn Bryant As He Cuts Weight For UFC 139”

  1. Warsilver writes:

    Get me some meatloaf! You want meatloaf? lol

  2. InYerMouth247 writes:

    Lmao great interview, but now I’m wondering did he flash you his
    “chesticles” from the Martin Kampmann interview before or after this was
    filmed? Either way you are awesome at getting the fighters to give a little
    extra personality during the interviews which I absolutely love, now onward
    to twitter to yelp WAR NAKED KINGBU!

  3. MBF writes:

    mmm hot mom

  4. Edwin Marquez writes:

    @Allcombatsports LOL never noticed that

  5. dsrmams56 writes:

    I would f* her.

  6. stylezNout writes:

    Thought it was interracial xxx for a sec

  7. T1memaster writes:

    karyn was checking him out

  8. philbio66 writes:

    she wants his ding dong

  9. coolioisafoolio writes:

    @Chubzdoomer her and the camera man did.

  10. 1uhot426 writes:

    uhhh ocword!Lol

  11. Azash123 writes:

    “how big are you? – around two thirty” 😀

  12. imachku writes:

    i like kyle but stephan is such a tough oppenent i have stephan winning by
    cardio i think kyle will lose his energy in the final round i like the
    fight though

  13. DariushUFC1985 writes:

    @ohtebowah shut up!!!…you dont know nothing!!!!……bout anything!!!!!

  14. Sander Thys writes:

    Stepbrothers at the end!!!

  15. 67Zaka writes:

    I search naked weigh-in girls. Tha fuck?

  16. 51MelE50 writes:

    ohhh lawd! Karyn. Damn. GOOD GAWD! Thank you Ma’am.

  17. Soulfree2008 writes:

    @fomiz yeah, without Karyn he is just some dude with a camera…

  18. Muyanzi Reid writes:

    @eLLriDe420 Jones said in a Karyn Bryant interview that the biggest he ever
    got was 230, I’d say Jones cuts from 217 or so. Kingsbury is actually a
    bigger more muscular guy. Jones is kinda skinny.

  19. steve cusdin writes:

    Wouldn’t call it cheating as nearly every fighter does it that’s like
    saving every fighter that takes supplements cheats because it aids them in
    recovery and allows them to train more?

  20. rohannesburg writes:

    @khazal12 LMAO!, Good ol’ Will Ferrell

  21. utubeissoconfusing writes:

    Wow KarYn (dig that Y so original) My mom used to watch you on CNN and MTV
    and now it’s come to this? Yikes. I met you at a few concerts and it was
    all about you but now it’s all about … ugh. C’mon lady what happened?
    geesh 🙁

  22. fatcat3211 writes:

    Karyn’s favorite interview of 2011

  23. worsthereverwas writes:

    movie reference was wedding crashers

  24. Paul Smith writes:

    great interview. good job guys!

  25. Jay allday writes:

    You are the best Karyn!

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