Micro 4.12 Dead Weight Loss- Key Graphs of Microeconomics

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Mr. Clifford’s explanation of dead weight loss (aka. efficiency loss). Watch the bonus round to see multiple examples of dead weight loss.Please keep in mind that these clips are not designed to teach you the key concepts. These videos are a review tool to help you better understand what you learned in class. ACDC is Mr. Clifford’s teaching philosophy: Active Learning Cooperative Learning Discovery Learning Community
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25 Responses to “Micro 4.12 Dead Weight Loss- Key Graphs of Microeconomics”

  1. mickeyh888 writes:

    Anyone else notice that is when he says “Bonus round” it comes up saying Bouns Round?

  2. Megabnm writes:

    i wish there was a mr clifford for ap physics

  3. constellationnation writes:

    This guy has something of a sports coach about him.. (but in a good way :D)

  4. constellationnation writes:

    Your diagram is probably for tariffs. The triangle on the left represents the producer deadweight loss, and the triangle on the right represents the consumer deadweight loss.

  5. 512fm writes:

    what a great video

  6. AmarMeshal writes:

    Mr. Clifford, the deadweight loss graph you drew at the end is different to the one I have in my textbook even with the same supply and price lines. In my textbook it says that the deadweight loss is 2 triangles, not the one you drew @ACDCLeadership

  7. CrazyLazyMonkey writes:

    I fucking love this guy. xD

  8. TheSakshi333 writes:

    something just happened …and it was awesome 😀
    thanks a lot u saved me on a micro exam !

  9. thecur33 writes:

    The bonus round came so suddenly

  10. schmittymephisto writes:

    well done sir. regards from boulder colorado

  11. libyafreee1 writes:

    Great lesson!!
    I also love how you spelt Bonus round as “Bouns Round” lol ;]

  12. eveAintCool writes:

    For Mr Clifford, you rock like AC/DC!

    For students, if you had a lame prof this would be your exam saver… savor it!

  13. lovekpop2012 writes:

    i wish u r my teacher!!..

  14. FamilyGuyBlast writes:

    Thanks for video, I got inspired by videos like this, check out what experts on fox says about this over weight problem /watch?v=9QpzdK7wdYY
    Let’s fight our problems together, thumbs up that other peoples could see this comment! :Let’s don’t waste our time, we need to fight back our weight!

  15. guelphe writes:

    AMAZING! Be my prof! 😀 that was great really thank you so much!

  16. parthvatsal1 writes:

    Are you a rapper turned teacher?

  17. slmnsulaimon writes:

    Lol you’re the man. Learned a lot too!

  18. Milioo93 writes:

    Thank you so much my good sir

  19. MarkAwainy writes:

    your videos are the best

  20. MarkAwainy writes:

    your videos are the best

  21. janellsiss writes:

    1st) awesome job

    2nd)a question: how can you mathematically find the exact deadweigh loss in a monopoly,in an exercise with the q=a+bp and MC=c given?Is it [AR-MC]*[Qpc-Qm}1/2? where Qm,pm at monopoly equilibrium and Qpc at Perfect Comp.[i find Qpc via AR=Mc i guess). I just came up with all this,please tell me if this is the way to calculate it? Is it the same in a cartel?

  22. Tacoma3243 writes:

    I lol’d at the bonus round

  23. Timushyi writes:

    omg so easy now

  24. ELstacerino writes:

    You’re amazing.

  25. NateTheGreat555 writes:

    Awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Thanks!

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