Metabolism boosting with exercise?

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Question by airmonkey120: Metabolism boosting with exercise?
is it possible to boost my metabolism during the day, by working out like normal of 45 minis in the morning and doing about 5 mini exercise boost like jumping rope then see if that will help by taking small bursts 2 times right before lunch and dinner will it help me burn faster with fast pace jump.

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One Response to “Metabolism boosting with exercise?”

  1. Imaka writes:

    Those are certainly ideas that will help. There are quite a few things you can do to boost your metabolism. Here are just a few of them.

    Always eat breakfast, a nutritious breakfast that includes some low fat protein. It will give you a good start to the day.

    Eat small amounts frequently. In our society we are accustomed to eating big meals just two or three times a day. It will help increase your metabolism if you eat much smaller meals, but more often. Plan three meals and three snacks everyday. Eat something every three to four hours.

    Spicy foods boost your metabolism for about half an hour after you eat them. That isn’t long, but every little bit helps. And if you eat spicy foods often, then you get the benefits more often. So add green and red chili peppers to your diet, and the hot sauces.

    Eat more protein – healthy sources of protein such as lean beef and pork, fish, white meat chicken, tofu, nuts, beans, eggs, and low-fat dairy products. Your body burns twice as many calories to digest protein as it does to digest a similar portion of carbohydrates or fats.

    Exercise twice a day if at all possible. Go for a brisk 30 minute walk in the morning, and walk again later in the day. The effect will be better than one 60 minute walk. When we exercise, our metabolism is raised for a while after the exercise, so exercising for shorter periods more often is a good thing.

    Get enough sleep. Your body cannot function well if it is not well rested.

    Drink enough water. Your body also needs water to process calories efficiently and to function well. Drink it ice cold. There is research that suggests if you drink it “on the rocks” it can result in burning an extra 10 calories a day, which again doesn’t sound like much but that results in a loss of a pound a year.

    Start a weight lifting routine. You don’t need to focus on bulking up – toning is fine. It will help you build a little muscle, and muscle burns more calories than fat – the result is increased metabolism. The more muscle you have, the higher your resting metabolic rate. And it will do wonders for your posture, appearance, self esteem, etc.

    Do some high intensity exercise – kick it up a notch. When you push yourself, there is a longer increase in resting metabolic rate.

    Drinking two cups of black coffee has been shown to burn about 50 extra calories in the four hours after you drink it, for a 145 pound woman. But of course the effects are lost if you add cream and sugar. There is also evidence that two to four cups of green tea or oolong tea (again without added sugar) a day has a similar effect. That sort of effect adds up to about 5 pounds of weight loss a year.

    Never go on a crash diet (less than 1200 calories a day) and never try to lose weight fast. Such diets lead to loss of muscle, which means that your body burns fewer calories, and after the diet you gain weight faster.

    The most important thing you can do is build muscle and stay active. The more you move, the more you burn. And if you exercise in the morning, it revs up your metabolism for the whole day.

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