Metabolism boosting pills… do any work or are they all a scam!!?

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Question by Vegalicous: Metabolism boosting pills… do any work or are they all a scam!!?
I have been trying to slim down now for over a year, and it’s been a yo-yo effect no stop. I lose weight then gain back double back and forth. As a teenager I was always very skinny but after having two kids well those days are long gone. Recently I have been sticking to a good workout and diet plan but I don’t seem to be losing much weight not like I have seen previously. I am beginning to wonder if my metabolism is the problem. I have been doing some research and have found out that a better metabolism creates better weight lose. Is this true?? Are there pills that can effectively boost the metabolism or are they all just scams, like most weight loss programs are??

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Answer by Boss
Many metabolism pills are a scam, however, few companies like BSN & MuscleTech have decent products. One important thing not to forget is that in order for the reliable metabolism pills to have any noticeable effect is to workout at the gym as long as you use the pills.

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6 Responses to “Metabolism boosting pills… do any work or are they all a scam!!?”

  1. Jim writes:

    If ANY pills ever worked, would there be ONE overweight person in the World?
    The ONLY way to lose weight is to EAT LESS.

  2. Kylee writes:

    dont take those! they r so unhealthy lol im 13 and i just stay in shape by working out everyday and eating healthy theres not much more u could do …. i dont wanna get fat

  3. Anna writes:

    Go on a calorie restricted diet. Metabolism pills are more often than not a scam. The label does lie.
    A yo-yo or fluctuating weight is dangerous. People will metabolism problems lose weight in a healthy way all the time. Calorie restriction is a must.
    make sure you workout everyday in the morning. Start with sit ups and push ups ( maximun repetitions). Each week tack on more as you get stronger and more fit.

  4. Lee writes:

    Sorry but you are correct about these pills. They are all SCAMS. There is no such thing as a magic pill that will make you lose weight in a healthy way. The best way to lose weight is diet and exercise. I know people hate hearing that but I’ve been into fitness and health for many years and have tried many diets. If you talk to health professionals, they will say exactly the same thing I’m saying.

    The best and healthiest way to boost your metabolism is by eating the rights foods. Here is a link you’ll find helpful:

  5. Ryan writes:

    yeah its a scam, if you’ve ever bought a bottle before on the directions it usually says when taking these pills you should be drinking plenty of water, you should be watching what you eat and you should be exercising, so you basically are taking them for the placebo effect.

  6. Walter writes:

    Ephedra did work but it’s now banned (wrongfully banned in my opinion). As a matter of fact, most effective metabolism boosting pills have been banned out of existence within the US and the only way to get them is through some shady dealings (pretend to have bronchial problems etc.).

    You can gain some minimal boosts in metabolism through what’s left on the market but on a whole it won’t do much for you. The remainder of the pills left on the market are based on green tea & acai berries which certainly are good anti-oxidants that contain health benefits but they aren’t real metabolism boosters.

    Are they worth the money? I don’t think so. Eat about 3 bites less at dinner and you’ll have the same effect.

    Some of the stimulants contained in them can certainly shake you up and that leads to a placebo effect (I’m so wired that this must be working!) but you can get the same wired results by drinking tea, coffee or espresso all day.

    Your metabolism is largely determined by the amount of lean body mass (muscle, tissue, bone etc.) you have in your body. In other words – muscles burn fat and calories. When you had the two babies you might have lost some muscle mass along with it since babies take a lot from our systems.

    You really need to increase the amount of protein you eat when you are pregnant. I know my wife struggled with this with our kids. It’s not that bad though – you can start doing resistance training & cardio together and get that lost lean body mass back very easily and your metabolism will be more like it was before the babies.

    Your metabolism doesn’t have to slow down as you get older if you keep up with the resistance training and eat a good solid amount of protein every day.

    (believe it or not but protein is a metabolism booster – it has a high thermic value which means that your body has to expend energy to process it).

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