Metabolism boosting pills?

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metabolism boosting
by Yogma

Question by anonymous: Metabolism boosting pills?
About a week ago, I decided I absolutely need to do something about my weight. By June, I am planning to lose 40 lbs through diet and exercise. All healthily! I am currently watching what I eat more intensely than I ever have, and after a few weeks of diet, I am going to join a gym. I’m a young (19) female, and I’ve had problems in the past when I’ve tried. I was wondering if there were any HEALTHY non-miracle promising pills that could help boost my metabolism?

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Answer by Casey
No. Pills do not work. If they did, everybody would be thin and healthy.

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5 Responses to “Metabolism boosting pills?”

  1. lynn07 writes:

    Just do diet and exercice, those pill are unhealthy

  2. Theodore writes:

    It is important to eat effectively to keep in good health. Colon cleanse is an exciting suplement which keeps you in good health and in addition has the bonus of assisting you to lose a lot of weight. There is a free trial on right now at , why not check it out, what is the worst that could happen?

  3. sassy sista writes:

    Acai Berry Pills.. My co-worker and mom have lost an immense amount of weight.. I haven’t yet heard of any side effects and both have been using for about a year.

  4. Joe writes:

    Those do not help , its part of your genetics.

    Do not get discouraged over a difficult diet. Changing old habits is never easy. You may have acquired a taste for specific food items and probably have grown used to eating at certain times during the day, even if it is not a meal time. If you have decided to change these negative habits, good for you! Now buckle down and get ready for a long habit changing process. You can alter your diet to promote weight loss and good health. However it will take time, patience and effort.

    The Right Quantities

    Your diet should encompass much more than simply cutting back on food intake. You should also monitor other factors that can mean the difference between failure and success. For example, did you know that water plays a big role in your body’s daily function? Water helps regulate bathroom habits and cleanses your body of harmful toxins. Lack of water can leave you with more than a dry mouth. Sometimes, hunger pangs are caused by a need for refreshing water. Headaches are another way your body tells you it needs liquid refreshment.

    Slow and Steady

    Make a slow and steady effort to alter your daily eating schedule. It may be tempting to jump right in there and start off with a completely different diet, but you may be setting yourself up for an excruciating battle. Pace yourself and make a few changes. Cut out snacking and stick to specific eating times. Even time yourself while you eat. When time is up, leave the table. Taking it one step at a time can mean success. When you make too big of a leap at once, you may find yourself faltering.

    Never Miss a Meal!

    Although logically eating less may sound like a good way to lose weight, it is not always the answer. No matter how good you think the idea is, do not skip a planned meal. You want your body to adjust to the nourishment you give it. If you have a sporadic or constantly shifting eating schedule, your body will never adjust properly. Not to mention you may now have to fight the urge to gorge yourself. Your body may shift into survival mode, storing up more fats because it does not know when the next meal will come. Avoid this primal reaction by eating each meal!

    Stay Ready for Anything!

    You are going to have tough times. Coping is a part of dieting. The longer you can stick to your new schedule the less likely a relapse will be. Make a backup plan no matter where you go. Keep healthy snack alternatives on hand as well as a bottle of water, especially if you plan to leave home for hours at a time. This way you can fight the temptation to stop for unhealthy foods while you travel through your day.

    Do not Expect Immediate Results

    It takes time to build up bad habits, and it will take longer to correct them. Do not expect a complete change overnight. Even a few days are not enough. This process takes at least weeks before you will get noticeable results. Dieting gets easier with time but be ready to spend months fighting your cravings and urges to return to your previous behaviors. If you are willing to build up your resolve and put patience and effort into the process, you will be successful!

  5. ellen writes:

    Thermo Phen Phen worked the best for me. It speeds metabolism to burn fat while also killing your appetite. Great product for losing weight fast.

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