Metabolism boosting meals?

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Question by : Metabolism boosting meals?
I know if you have 4-6 smalls meals it helps, but I don’t know what to eat besides green tea. I also don’t want to eat the same thing over and over. I gained about 20 pounds from birth control and just letting myself go.

I’ve been walking 2 miles every morning and walking to the gas station and back in the afternoon and ive been drinking a gallon of water everyday, but i still eat unhealthy.
Can you please provide me healthy meals not just for losing wait but to make me all around healthier!

Thank you for the help.

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Answer by Canadian5
bananas, black coffee, fruits and veggies

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4 Responses to “Metabolism boosting meals?”

  1. quietgiant writes:

    your body had to work harder to digest protiens ,so increase the protien content , and your metabolism will speed up a little, but really, the only way to increase it drastically is cardio, keep walking , progress to a jog , be consistent and patient and your metabolism will increase.

  2. Margot writes:

    Eat fibrous slow release energy foods. As you said, make them small and regular. Keep exercising.

    Nice meals to try:
    Baked patato with tuna, cream cheese and black pepper(with lemon juice whatever you like) and some salad.
    Grilled vegetables with a chicken breast.
    You could google a few… Eat healthy carbs and proteins in the afternoon and try to keep to light easily digestable foods for supper. Try stay away from processed. If its raw it good most of the time.
    Keep snacks to fruits or nuts.
    Eat breakfast (like oats )
    Keep a variety in your diet and watch out for quick weight loss diets they usually cause more trouble than you realise. Dont worry if you dont lose the weight quickly. Its about a lifestyle and maintaining health rather than rapidly losing 20 and then gaining it again because the way you were losing it is too hard to keep up in the long run

  3. ClickMaster writes:

    You’re not going to burn fat by trying to increase your metabolism. Here’s why.

    Metabolism is nothing more than the totality of the energy exchange processes which occur in the body. Metabolic rates are an effect and not a cause. Hence, the idea that you can change you metabolic rate to achieve a specific effect, such as changing the thermostat in your house to effect the temperature, is wrong.

    For example, you can exercise to burn fat and that demand will increase the metabolic rate and, depending on your caloric intake, may burn body fat. However, you cannot increase your metabolic rate permanently with exercise because as soon as you stop the exercising your metabolism will begin to return to normal. That’s why we all have a BMR or basal metabolic rate and it is not something we can change. It may change as a function of aging or post pubescent development but those are the result of natural processes and genetics.

    There are naturally heavy people (endomorphs) and naturally thin people (ectomorphs) and that happy medium in between, the much envied mesomorph. If there was a way to change our BMR, we would all be mesomorphs. But, alas, there is no way and so we need to make the most of what nature has given us and be all we can be.

    You will hear many people talk about metabolism as though it can be modified to help you lose fat or gain weight and you would do well to ignore that sort of talk. Such things as diet, fat loss or gain, increases in muscularity, etc. do not translate to significant changes in metabolism. A little bit of knowledge is often worse than none. Those who do not fully understand metabolism often turn qualitative truisms into quantitative absolutes and that can be extremely misleading.

    It is best to not think about metabolism. It makes no more sense to think about your metabolism in regard to diet or exercise than it does to think about your car’s horsepower when pressing on the gas pedal to go or the brake pedal to stop. Metabolism is an effect just as your car’s horsepower is an effect. If you’re concerned with losing fat, gaining weight, building muscle, or maintaining, follow good diet, exercise, and fitness strategies and your metabolism will take care of itself.

    For more about metabolism, go here —>

    Also, green tea won’t make you lose fat. That’s a myth. For green tea to have any real effect on fat loss you would have to consume huge quantities of the concentrated extract. Drinking the tea won’t do it and drinking water by the gallons won’t either.

    You should start studying the science and forget the myths and scams. Use the links below to get good information. The best way to burn fat is to just eat fewer calories than you burn.

    Good luck and good health!!

  4. Kayla writes:

    Add almonds, eggs, and apples to your diet or eat them more regularly. Almonds have the fats that are good for you and if you eat them in moderation they are the perfect snack. Apples are full of fiber and keep you full longer, and eggs help maintain weight.

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