Metabolism Boosting?

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metabolism boosting
by trekkyandy

Question by bossman: Metabolism Boosting?
I need to know what are some of the best excercises, food, and supplements, that help to boost the metabolism, perferably based on personal experience..Or if you anything else that will work..

Best answer:

Answer by Just Jess
Uhm. They say that strength exercises are best for boosting your metabolism. I guess the reason for this is because even after you stop working out, your muscle is still growing…and even when your not doing anything….your muscle is burning calories (more so than your fat would be)…

As far as food, i’d say fruits and veggies. They’re naturally low fat and low calorie, they give your body energy and the vitamins and minerals it needs…. and it gets your metabolism going without adding too many fats and calories.

I’d say one of the best things is water. it contains no calories, no fat (obviously lol) but your body still needs to work to process it.

Also, vitamin b 12 i believe it is helps to speed up the metabolism. I find though that with the vitamin b’s i tend to get a bit of an upset stomach at times…maybe you can try taking it in the middle of a meal. Also, maybe you could go for a vitamin B complex instead of just vitamin b 12….. that way you’ll get the power of all the B’s.

A regular multi-vitamin cant hurt either.

I wouldnt take any kind of diet pills though if thats what you mean. They say that they curb appitites and speed up matoblism but …. from expierence…. water works better and its for the most part free.

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2 Responses to “Metabolism Boosting?”

  1. curious_eater writes:

    I’ve always heard that eating five or six small meals a day helps keep your metabolism working all day, burning calories and hopefully fat.

    I’m not into supplements or any sort of man-made pill, so I don’t really have any experience with that.

  2. zackmurphy writes:

    Most of the first two answers are pretty good. Mostly accurate.

    As far as foods that are metabolism-boosting: protein. Protein is more metabolically challenging for the body. It’s simply more difficult to break down into energy, and thus you get a small bump from the process itself. Carbs and fats are not difficult for the body to break down, and do not impact the metabolism much.

    By far, however, on total impact on metabolism, is exercise, and the right kind of exercise. Weights, heavy. And cardio in the form of sprints and interval training. Jacks your metabolism up like you wouldn’t believe.

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