Metabolism Booster Workout No. 2-My Weight Loss Journey 2011

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This is the second workout for the metabolism booster series.

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24 Responses to “Metabolism Booster Workout No. 2-My Weight Loss Journey 2011”

  1. goodlifeliving08 writes:

    GET IT!! :-)

  2. SlimByFaith writes:

    Ha ha ha, yes, it does burn, and it’s well worth the burn, hang in there and feel the burn just a little while longer, you will be happy with the prize at the end. 🙂

  3. Joyfullexpressions S writes:

    OM goodness You don’t realize when you watch the actual burn, but when you jump in after watching you make it look so easy you FEEEEELLLL the burn!

  4. SlimByFaith writes:

    @tttmiller54 no I’m not on special diet, I’m vegetarian by choice. I would love to do some juicing or even a raw food diet but at this time can’t afford to really eat the way I’d like. So that is why I put a whole lot more into exercise than others do. I work out a minimum of 6 days per week.

  5. SlimByFaith writes:

    thanks I’m glad you like it.

  6. MzRae210 writes:

    Im doing this workout along with you. =) Great Video

  7. Ella Gunter writes:

    Okay! I love your videos so much! 🙂 I look forward to watching the other ones!

  8. SlimByFaith writes:

    Yes there is my dear, there are actually two other parts. I am having a horrible time uploading my videos, and the sound is out of sink, I don’t understand what is going on. But please be patient with me. I’ve been staying up all night just to get it all worked out. 🙂

  9. Ella Gunter writes:

    Hi. Is there going to be a 2nd part of “Reality-Skin Reduction Surgery My Weight Loss Journey 2011”? I loved the first one! 🙂


  10. michebagdivabeth writes:

    Great job!

  11. Karen Patricia writes:

    hey there awesome channel. keep up the good work!!!

  12. Jesusislove150 writes:

    Thanks for the video, I will try that! May God bless you!

  13. SlimByFaith writes:

    thank you 🙂

  14. SlimByFaith writes:

    I am so glad that what I’m doing is helping others. You guys make me want to do more and more. Thank you so much for the encouragement. Stay blessed. 🙂

  15. SlimByFaith writes:

    Thank you, I appreciate you sis. 🙂

  16. StopDropnRollon writes:

    thanks for this. Iyou are doing great and I like the one you did on the knee Modification. 

  17. lockedlooneytune writes:

    You are really keeping it moving and you’re keeping me motivated. My husband helped me do some crunches today and I haven’t done those in years. Thanks for the support and you look great.

  18. SlimByFaith writes:

    thank you : )

  19. SlimByFaith writes:

    Thank you, I am glad you noticed. At first I didn’t see it myself.

  20. SlimByFaith writes:

    thank you and thank you for the compliment. I am really working hard so it’s good to see some results. I’d cry if I didn’t. 🙂

  21. Daisy Von Meyer writes:

    You can really tell you have lost a lot of weight great job!!!

  22. Kimberly Anne writes:

    I can also tell you are really coming down!

  23. Kimberly Anne writes:

    Thank you for this. I put this vid in my favorites so its easy to find. : )

  24. thenewme20111 writes:

    Nice one Chauny 🙂

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