Making Oral Sublingual Drops Using Real HCG

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25 Responses to “Making Oral Sublingual Drops Using Real HCG”

  1. mamaclok writes:

    Well Thank you Cece…looking at your profile pic makes me think you like
    to laugh too 🙂 Take care!

  2. Cece Combs writes:

    I think every video of yours that I have watched makes me laugh at some
    point. You have a great personality. Hope the people in your life value
    your entertainment value and genuineness. 🙂

  3. nellyb6679 writes:

    Is it safe to switch (midstream) from GNC’s Platinum X-30 (harmone free)
    formula to the formula you are showing here?

  4. mamaclok writes:

    @analuisaallen TRY GOLDPHARMA(DOT)COM.

  5. mamaclok writes:

    I didnt have those sizes when I made this video. The 12ml can be used for
    the b12…the 3ml can be used for the silver, and the 1ml is for daily
    dosing. The needle can be twisted off the 3ml and be used on any other of
    the sizes.

  6. mamaclok writes:

    You can use any hcg for either injections or sublingual…its just two
    different recipes.

  7. MrDarrellratliff writes:

    if any 5000 hcg works? can i mix the hcg with the rubber top..for under the

  8. chanoner writes:

    what pharmacy can I still order HCG (for injections) from today?

  9. analuisaallen writes:

    Btw@ mamaclok thank you for the video!!!:-) it was super helpful:-)

  10. mamaclok writes:

    You want to bring it up to the first marking which is 1/2. You take it once
    in the morning and then again at night.

  11. mamaclok writes:

    @ElysaLAbare you can get the hcg at alldaychemist(dot)com

  12. mamaclok writes:

    @luvofhislifex u sure can!

  13. tipsypalma writes:

    Hi there. Is this real hcg or homeopathic? I started 7 days ago, and bought
    from Now I’m just not sure. Discouraged. Thanks I would appreciate anyone’s help.

  14. mamaclok writes:

    @adge71383 Dont use alcohol with hcg-it degrades the hcg. You can use
    saline wound wash (sodium chloride) it just doesnt taste good. Not sure
    about glycerin?

  15. mamaclok writes:

    Yes they usually have a 2 yr shelf life.

  16. Shirley Barnett writes:

    Are the injections better than the mixture ,I know you use the under the
    tongue am and pm so do you do Injections once aday or more ..Can you tell
    me please I have done the sublingual before never the shots .

  17. romeo q writes:

    your killing my brain in gettin mine soon.i didnt know i had to buy
    colloidal silver and b12.i thought just hcg and thats it.i’ll wait for my

  18. mamaclok writes:

    Please visit my site hcgdietmart on the FAQ page for instructions.

  19. hcgmakemethin writes:

    pharmacy escrow isn’t open any longer who do you order from now? And is the
    same syrum used for injections as injections? thank you

  20. Shelle B writes:

    i want to buy your kit but i got the 10000 icu not the 5000 can it all fit
    into the kit you have since i need to double what you mix up.

  21. JayNJay72 writes:

    Well got caught by the water shortage. Is there a result difference between
    the injections and drops?

  22. mamaclok writes:

    @tipsypalma That is homeopathic hcg. I used real rx hcg.

  23. Elizabeth Revis writes:

    I want to get started on thos but dont know where to begin, can you help

  24. mamaclok writes:

    You need something else to preserve the hcg. Other things you can use is
    sodium chloride which is also known as saline wound wash which is usually
    at stores in the first aid section.

  25. MRZTONI writes:

    Thank you so much for this video!! I have the instructions off of your site
    and ordered your mixing kit from amazon yesterday. I feel much more
    confident that I will do fine after watching your VLOG!! Great job on your
    success!! I can’t wait to post my Before and after Vlog!! I need to lose
    40-45 lbs. I have ordered my HCG (RX) so it should be here in a few weeks!!

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