Lower Triglycerides

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Simple changes you can make to lower your triglycerides, improve insulin sensitivity, improve leptin sensitivy, raise your metabolism, decrease appetite, and reduce your chances of developing metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.
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11 Responses to “Lower Triglycerides”

  1. faolbushcraft writes:

    @180degreehealth My tri’s have been between 480 and 550 for 20+ years. On 1/21/2011, the VA did a lipid test and my tri’s were 523. They wanted me to stick to the strict food pyramid, and sent me a 6 month supply of meds to modify my liver function. I did Paleo instead. Next test was 3/21/2011. My tri’s were 123. Full 400 point drop by NOT eating carbs. First normal in 20+ years. I have the paperwork on VA letterhead to back it up. Also lost 23 lbs during that same time period. You are wrong.

  2. ss4vegeta1 writes:

    I thought starches breakdown into glucose? Also is a high starch diet a good thing after glycogen is topped off? Wouldn’t the extra glucose be stored as fat?

  3. aharp10 writes:

    Just admit it! You’re addicted Matt! You’re addicted to cornography. The first step is just fessin up. Come on. You’ll feel so much better when you do.

  4. younes0807 writes:

    I’d say, a moderate protein and carbohydrates diet with high fat would do best in case of the fat person you described.

    Whole foods of course, grass fed organic of course, no more than 20 gram of protein per meal. only low glyecmic load foods, such as vegetables (for fibre+phyto) nuts, seeds, raw butter and extra virgin non filtered olive oil should do it.

    Do this untill healthy weight, than increase your carbohydrates with low glycemic load carbohydrates as fruits,beans,no gluten starch

  5. Nakutao writes:

    I think we should eat a balanced diet and perhaps thats what you are saying and to which I would agree with you. Although if someone did have high trigs or other health challenges like acne many times people are able to lower there trigs or the root cause of there acne by lowering the carbohydrates. Perhaps people are able to lower there trigs and acne by eating more grains. It all depends on each individual. It would be bad to conclude that Mercola is wrong and x person is right though.

  6. Nakutao writes:

    @180degreehealth Matt my dad had high trigs and was not able to lower them following your suggestion. He lowered them by lowering the starch and sugar so you really don’t know what your talking about here. I am not anti-carb at all. I just think we shouldn’t eat so many grains and starch today. They contain a lot of anti-nutrients and don’t provide that many nutrients compared to vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds. Grains are ok in moderation. Not based on diet. Look at the Egyptians health!

  7. boonkiepup writes:

    @180degreehealth Matt, you have no clue what your’e talking about. Grain based diets cause the “diseases of civilization”. It’s been well-documented.I think you are trying every which way you can to justify a high-carb diet because of your addiction. It won’t work though, Matt. You don’t have science on your side.

  8. 180degreehealth writes:

    @Nakutao Reading Mercola is like reading picture books. His knowledge of diet and health is very minimal and not very sophisticated. If grains cause inflammation, why are the healthiest and longest-lived societies on earth eating grain-based diets? All of them healthier than Mercola? Starch lowers trigs. Sugar raises trigs when consumed in excess. They are not synonymous.

  9. Nakutao writes:

    Also we should eat lots of organ meats, eat lots of fermented foods, free-range eggs, and grass-fed raw dairy! This whole diet will give you healthy triglyceride levels.

  10. Nakutao writes:

    Carbs Are Primary Cause of High Triglycerides! Read that article on Mercola! We don’t need all that starch and sugar in our diets. Grains cause inflammation! We should eat a diet based on grass-fed and wild caught animal foods, lots of non-starchy vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fruit as a snack like candy! We should also take advantage of superfoods and supplement our diets accordingly with them. Thinks like green superfood powders and take super antioxidants such as astaxanthin. Vegan diets=fail!

  11. LetMeLivetoo writes:

    I sure could use the help that you are putting out there. I am fascinated by your posts and hope your info can help me. I even put a link to your blog on my blog.

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