Lose Weight With Cinnamon and Honey

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25 Responses to “Lose Weight With Cinnamon and Honey”

  1. Elane Horhi writes:

    Is it true? Has anyone experience this? Logically, it doesn’t make sense.

  2. John D writes:

    So the cinnamon didn’t do anything if you have to exercise. 

  3. meme barbee writes:

    i don’t doubt that it supports it….ty …check me out @ meme
    barbee…support the vision…ty

  4. prabash kumara writes:

    If you desire to bulk up, you should Google “Hexcul Ripped Max”. You are
    bound to get the body you deserve.

  5. Levi Hannah writes:

    ,, , After the research, i found .. weightlossgreenstore.c00m. Weight
    Loss Green Store Tea is, by far, the best ** slimming tea that I’ve tried
    and I have tried several of them. Green Store Tea herbal is not harsh on
    your stomach like many other brands and it definitely will help you to lose
    some serious weight. ** 

  6. Ruwan Wijesinghe writes:

    this is not a commercial. It works really well. I had 110 kg continuously
    for years. even my irregular gym dint help me to drop my fat. but
    cinnamon and honey, cinnamon in green tea instead of sugar and apple
    cinnamon water dropped my weight by 22 lbs in 1 month. always go for
    Ceylon cinnamon , the cinnamon come form sr lanka , which has a special

  7. Neha Darling writes:

    Awesome, how much fat did you lose? My sister shred 4 stone using Wretch
    Weight Workings. Just google it :)

  8. Vinita Garg writes:

    Very usefull

  9. rumwomenandguns writes:

    How much water are you supposed to drink it with? The audio isn’t very
    clear to me??

  10. fatima wahrania writes:

    i wake up starving , waiting half an hour for my cereal or toast will hard

  11. gert249 writes:

    Why don’t you recommend it for people with diabetes?

  12. mike stone writes:

    Yeah i want the body of my dreams, But ever time i see her she runs! Lol

  13. viany artanti writes:

    should i drink the dregs too??

  14. WeightLossTheMessiah writes:

    Powder 🙂

  15. Jenn s writes:

    so powder or sticks Cinnamon????????????????

  16. runningshoe1000 writes:

    Affirmative. LOL

  17. WeightLossTheMessiah writes:

    you did it, congratulations ! =) jaja

  18. WeightLossTheMessiah writes:

    Perfect !

  19. Judy Jimenez writes:

    Woow so all the time my mom told me to drink Cinnamon tea after i have
    birth she wasn’t crazy. now i have to go and apologize to her.

  20. MissSweetChar writes:

    I am totallygoing to try this!

  21. lukiya madsale writes:

    i already do that..let me see the result soon.

  22. Maryalice O'Hagan writes:

    It does… no real person talks like that

  23. merge59 . writes:

    This was a freakin commercial!!!!! Anyone really think that computerized
    voice drank the drink? lol hahahaha

  24. WeightLossTheMessiah writes:

    WTF ? 😛 ajaj

  25. serena angel writes:

    is that true . can some1 tell me if they had try this . does it work ???
    plzzzz i need to knw bcoz i need to lose weight ?

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